When I first started creating content for social media I didn’t have a clue what to do.

For most of us creating a blog every week is a challenge. And then there is the growing expectation to also create video content, podcasts, content upgrades, Facebook lives and webinars and pretty soon you start to feel completely overwhelmed and frozen to the spot.

And then we stick a bunch of social media platforms on top of all that with the expectation of increasing our already busy schedules to include DAILY content for Social Media too! 

If you are rolling your eyes upward and saying to yourself “Tell me about it!” I hear you.

That’s why I created the Project Lifestyle Creative Content Club, it’s a simple out-the-box solution that is going to help frazzled small business owners and solopreneurs get to grips with engaging social media updates in minutes per day. 

"Diane Cossie Quotes"

The Concept Is Simple 

Every month we’ll supply you with 20 new Social Media updates that will build into a content library reservoir you can dip into forever. 

Simply add your logo, website url, Facebook page or hashtag to the images we provide and you will be able to schedule your social media in minutes. 

But wait that’s not all …

My entire philosophy for the Project Lifestyle Club brand is to create great useful content and then show people how to put it into action

For example what’s the point of downloading a free checklist without a “how to use the checklist” video?

Or what’s the point of social media updates without ideas, tips & proven strategies to get the most out of them?

So within your amazingly low cost membership I’m going to be adding some free Creative Content Marketing training every month exclusively for you too!

To Recap : Here’s What’s Included Inside The Project Lifestyle Creative Content Club:-

  • 20 New Social Media Images every month covering all sorts of popular topics from business and marketing tips, to quotes, affirmations and promotional calls to action.
  • All images will be ready for you to brand as your own and are 800 x 800 pixels which are perfect for social media updates on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Free Social Media Training Tips each month delivered to your member’s area to help you get the most out of your membership and give you helpful tips and guidance on using social media effectively for your business.
  • Free Facebook Business Page Tool Kit included.
  • Recommended resources for Social Media management and content creation.