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5 Proven Facebook Page Content Ideas That Flat Out Work (With Examples)

5 Proven Facebook Page Content Ideas That Flat Out Work (With Examples)

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

If you are looking for a great bounce-back content strategy for your business, look no further than Facebook

If you are looking for one of the easiest and best ways to regenerate & refresh your business coming out of recent world events, Facebook business pages are hard to beat for value and speed.

Creating original content will always make you stand out and when you develop your own brand and style nothing can be more effective in attracting more eyeballs to your Facebook page, more readers to your content and helping you actively grow your Facebook business page all at the same time.

If you haven’t grasped Facebook pages for your business just yet, don’t worry there is a lot to learn but when you start thinking about it as part of your overall business strategy you’ll soon find it becomes fun and easy to do.

Running out of ideas or things to say on Facebook is a common fear that can really hold you back from starting your Facebook business page and then staying consistent with it.

The ones that stay consistent with it are usually the ones that grow their business via social media.

Here are 5 Facebook page content ideas that just flat out work.

Put some into action & stay consistent with it for best results.

1. Decide On A Mix Of Relevant Facebook Post Ideas You Are Going To Focus On Creating Every Week

There are over 28 types of Facebook Post Ideas listed inside my free Kick-Start Marketing Planner ranging from motivational quotes and text status updates to case studies and webinars and pretty much everything in between.

But if you are a solopreneur or small business owner one thing’s for certain you can’t do them all.

The best way to start getting more likes, shares and comments on your Facebook page updates is to narrow your focus and do around 6 types of content really well.

It’s better to do 1 or 2 brilliant focused updates per day than 10 random updates that will inevitably be of less quality or relevance and will potentially do you more harm than good.

Start by deciding on a mix of six types of Facebook content ideas that you are going to be easy for you to create QUICKLY & CONSISTENTLY for example:-

  • Motivational quotes (shareable valuable content) – there are a TON of them out there to choose from.
  • Engaging posts (asking questions, fill in the blanks, did you know facts etc)
  • Expert tips (custom made expert tips with your brand, image or logo)
  • Promotional offers (special offers, discounts and bundles for your products and services)
  • Blog content (your latest articles, plus old blog posts with recent Opt In Offers included)
  • Video content (Facebook Live videos, webinars or workshops)

Then commit to creating them in your brand and your style.

I like to create mine & my clients in batches every week.

That way they are ready to go and always fresh & unique.

An example of a branded motivational quote …

2. Make As Many Content Updates As Original And On Brand As Possible

You do not have to make all your Facebook page content ideas “on brand” to be effective but you will want to create as much content as possible with your styling, your branding, your face or your logo on it somewhere.

Whether you use certain colours on your website or you use the same image you use on your Facebook profile you really want to put a little time and effort into creating Facebook post ideas that are totally unique.

The people who are standing out online right now are the ones using their own words as tips, quotes and though leadership style sayings.

Use to create Social Media updates like some of the examples shown in this post for your business.

Brand yourself as “the go-to expert in your niche” as the saying goes,

How you do anything is how you do everything!” .. and to stand out online you need to take that extra step that others aren’t willing to do.

An example of a branded “tip” (positioning you as an expert in your field)

3. Categorize Your Facebook Page Content Into 3 Types.  Useful, Engaging And Calls To Action

The smarter you get about using your own blogs, quotes and videos as your main content ideas on Facebook and across all your social media platforms the easier it will be to create content that has multiple functions.

Create lots of mini pieces of content from one original piece by re-purposing the content.

A video that becomes a podcast that becomes a blog is just one piece of original content re-purposed.

In the main there are only 3 types of content you need to focus on when you are creating your Facebook content strategy.

  1. Useful content like Podcasts, Blogs, Video Tips, Training, Tutorials, Webinars etc
  2. Engaging content such as Facebook Lives, asking questions and answering FAQ’s.
  3. Promotional / Calls to action such as special discounts, offers and Holiday specials.

How many Facebook page updates you do every day will depend on your time commitment and your niche but best practice for Facebook business pages is typically 1-2 posts per day plus 3-4 Calls to Action every week.

Think about mixing up your Facebook post ideas to create a variety of updates like this:-

  • Monday – motivational quote + text status update + video tip
  • Tuesday – Blog post + expert tip + question
  • Wednesday – Personal update + call to action + free webinar / training 

An example of an engaging Facebook post idea, asking a question..

4.Let Top Brands Or Facebook Influencer Pages Show You The Way

Find and follow some of the top Facebook pages in your niche as your page and study everything they do.

Facebook business pages allow you to do this is a simple way inside your page INSIGHTS and it can give you a great overview on “how you are doing in terms of page likes, posts and engagement.”

Engagement is what you & Facebook WANT on your page so it pays to pay attention to people who are extremely good at it!

(Hence my mentor in learning all about social media for business was indeed Sandi Krakowski – her engagement is insane!) 

If you are still sitting on the fence with Facebook business pages for your business and how many updates you should or should not be doing, or what type of content gets the most engagement …

One thing is for 100% certain, if Facebook business pages “didn’t work” not one of the these entrepreneurs or brands would be using them!

Not only does following other Facebook business pages give you an incredible insight into what they are doing (especially if they are paying large marketing agencies to produce their images for them or create their strategies)

But leaving positive comments on THEIR pages can really boost your own brand awareness too.

Every week look at your own page insights and make adjustments to your strategy.

If things are in the red focus on why that might be and work on that area of your business. 

One simple switch can make all the difference for example one switch I recently made was to ask more questions to increase engagement.

  • Look at the content that gets the most engagement on the FB pages you watch and figure out why.
  • Is it original content?
  • Is it inspiring?
  • Is it a video?
  • Is it a certain design or colour?

Then ask yourself how you can do something like that for YOUR business?

* Word to the wise never just COPY what they do, it doesn’t work that way.

What they are doing is being themselves and inspiring people in their own way.

For example Sandi uses religion a lot in her updates. It’s part of who she is and what she believes in.

If that isn’t you don’t bring it in to your business just because you think it might boost your engagement.

Be authentic to your true self, you message and your brand.

Another amazing of using Facebook pages to boost brand awareness and grow your business would be The Female Entrepreneur Association.

Everything is on brand in Carrie’s inimitable style and it’s always delivering inspiring updates aimed at female entrepreneurs. 

When you set up FB pages to follow like this you can click on the page name from your insights and find out which were the top posts this week on any of the pages!.

This one was the top one for the Female Entrepreneur Association proving once again that positive messages are one of the reasons we ALL love Facebook whether you are an entrepreneur or not.

Compared to the doom and gloom of the Newspapers, TV News and everyday life Facebook is a breath of fresh air when you follow pages like this!

The key thing here is to “be on brand” as much as possible, stay on the positive and inspiring side of life and above all BE ORIGINAL which is easy when you just be yourself.

5. Mock-Ups Are A Great Way To Boost Brand Awareness

One of the most tried and tested Facebook content ideas is to have people WEARING or USING your brand, products and services.

So when I stumbled across i was totally hooked.

If you take a close look at the way Red Bull uses their Facebook page to create brand awareness, you’ll see they find as many ways as possible to promote events they sponsor or show people holding or drinking Red Bull.

It’s an engaging and winning formula if you have their budget of course.

But worry not.

You can do similar things with mock ups on

With membership to at around $99 for the whole year, you can create unlimited mock ups, short videos, Facebook covers and posts, logos, print designs & more.

It makes it impossible to run out of content ideas.


  • Facebook business pages are the perfect bounce-back platform for your business.
  • Use them to build your brand awareness, generate leads and engage with people. If you are a B2C company, your ideal customers are on Facebook every day.
  • Choose around 6 different content buckets for your content mix and make each one of them as unique and on brand wherever possible.
  • Post a minimum of 3 times a week if you are new to Facebook for business or 1-2 times per day if you’ve been “doing” social media for a while.
  • Batch create your content & think about using unique ways of creating content like mock ups.
  • Follow successful people in your industry and watch what types of posts get the most engagement on their pages. Success leaves clues!

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to leave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Did You Grab A Copy Of The Planner Yet?

Want A Stronger Business After The Lock Down? Focus On These 3 Things Now

Want A Stronger Business After The Lock Down? Focus On These 3 Things Now

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” Morris Chang

It’s Coronavirus Lock Down Week 5 In The UK As I Am Writing This …

Wow! It’s challenging this lock down stuff isn’t it?

On a personal level I’m finding most days going along at half-speed productivity wise as we attempt home schooling our 9 year old Grandson with our amazing daughter (furloughed from her job) on hand to assist.

Add to that Zoom calls & virtual team meetings, customer relations & the constant battle of trying to book the next online delivery slot for food and supplies and you have the perfect environment for a total business melt down working from home or not.

Social media seems to be a huge mix where furloughed employees coping with job uncertainty and less income mix with SME’s with their heads in their hands dealing with zero income plus an undetermined timeline to work with.

The word unprecedented doesn’t even begin to get close to the impact this virus is having on SMEs of all sizes.

Zero Cashflow For Businesses Through No Fault Of Their Own

What business owner factors in a sudden cashflow forecast of zero for several months in a row? Especially one that lands on their desk in less than 14 days and is completely outside their control?

Entrepreneurs however will accept the self-responsibility of the situation and find a way to work though it.

It’s the perfect storm for an economic disaster of epic proportions and yet at the same time there was a huge reality check this week of the dangers associated with this virus as it took one of our family members before his time.

So as the dust settles into some kind of new routine, I thought I’d share 3 things you can implement today that will help your business emerge stronger after the lock down measures ease.

They are all things you can do in small bite-size chunks over a week or two that will repay you over the weeks, months & years to come as things slowly but surely return to the new normal whatever that will look like and whenever that is.

1. Tweak The Titles, Images & SEO On Your Top Posts & Pages

"lock down small business ideas"

Blogging is not a one time event. Revisit it, rework it, add to and whatever you do SEO it effectively!

Blogging is not something you “do” and then forget about it.

Never Do The Minimum For Blogging

If you write the minimum amount of words, include the minimum amount of content, copy & paste generic tips, don’t include eye catching branded images, fail to research keywords effectively and don’t craft catchy headlinesyou should reconsider blogging as a strategy for your business!

Unless your SEO (search engine optimization) is good and the content is high quality you are unlikely to see your blogs at the top of the search engines or attracting customers to you & your business.

Now For The Good News …

The good news is that once you have taken the time to write your content, you can go back in to your posts and improve them!

This is a fantastic way to improve your blog and as hardly any small business owner does it and that puts you at a great advantage if you do.

All it takes it a little time (we have that one as a gift right now) and a little practice.

Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Here are some ideas to improve existing blog posts:-

  • Create new branded feature images
  • Write new headlines (don’t change the permalinks if the blog post has search engine traffic) if it doesn’t re-write it as a new post & add some current statistics.
  • Add a video.
  • Re-write the meta description.
  • Do some keyword research on the topic and add links to relevant articles you find on authority sites for key things you mention.
  • Add a lead magnet in the post.
  • Add social share buttons at the bottom of each post.
  • Increase the word count to 1100 words.

2. Carry Out A Full Social Media Audit

"Lock Down Small Business Ideas"

Are Your Social Media Profiles Up To Date?

One of the smartest things you can do during the lock down period is to refresh and update your social media presence by carrying out a full social media audit.

The key to successfully executing this AND keeping a template to work to now and in the future is to set up either a Trello Board or an ASANA board.

(Tip! I’m seeing Trello being used in very creative ways for sharing boards inside info-products right now, so much so I’d recommend it for both tips 2 & 3!)

Here’s What A Trello Board Might Look Like To Plan Your Audit

Social media is fast moving & ever evolving & so is your business.

So the two can quite quickly get out of date or start to look stale.

And if you use scheduling tools & focus on the content creation side of social media you may not even realise that the image you have been using isn’t even on brand anymore.

And the link you use in your profile doesn’t work or isn’t relevant to what you offer.

Work through each social media profile & bring them up to date

Start with the platforms you focus on the most and work through each one until they are all:-

  • On brand
  • Relevant
  • Current
  • Link to something relevant to your audience

3 Brilliant Ideas for your links:-

  1. Link to a Social Page. I love Peg Fitzpatrick’s Social Page idea (I will be creating a video about this next month so stay tuned!)

2. Link to a free webinar or masterclass. Vanessa Lau has this nailed on her Instagram profile. It’s a great way to deliver value & build relationships that can effectively build your followers & business all at the same time.

3. Gemma Went uses a Quiz in her Twitter bio link which works well as a lead generation / get to know you process which positions Gemma as the great coach & mentor she is

3. Create An Editorial Calendar & Plan Your Post Lock-down Promotions

The more you plan ahead NOW the quicker your business will pick up new business as the lock down lifts

We all have to find ways of living with the Coronavirus until a vaccine is available or the virus phases out for good.

Either way business is not going to be “normal” for some time yet.

So the more you can plan, re-work the way in which you operate your business with social distancing measures in place and be ready to IMPLEMENT your promotions & offers NOW the easier you will transition out as the lock down measures start to ease.

By creating a visual Trello board of your business content & promotions over the next few months you can quickly start to map out a strategy to get leads & sales flowing even if it takes a few months yet for life to feel more “normal” again.

Look for opportunities that have presented themselves to you during these unprecedented times.

There will be a shift in what people VALUE more coming out of this period of time that smart entrepreneurs will be ready to respond to.

Right now trends are showing us that uppermost in people’s minds right now include:-

  • Mindfulness
  • Fitness
  • Self-improvement
  • Digital business
  • Online marketing
  • Own business

Bonus tip! Study some of the best TV adverts at the moment that meet people “where they are at” & use some of the best ideas in your marketing efforts.


  • The Coronavirus has affected everyone and will continue to be a challenge for all SME’s for many months to come.
  • It looks like some of the lock down measures will be eased in May 2020 although social distancing will still feature in our lives and business lives for some time.
  • The better you plan your own exit strategy, the quicker you can start easing some of the pressures created by the lock down.
  • SEO blog posts & top pages – IMPROVE every post or page in some way.
  • TRELLO boards are the perfect way to plan & organise a Social Media Audit or your own exit strategy content & promotions.
  • Use the time you have (and it may be far less than you think if you have children around) to think of adapting to whatever the new world looks like and go gently with your social media activity at these ultra sensitive times.

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to eave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Did You Grab A Copy Of The Planner Yet?

7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates

7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates

Why Copywriting Is The #1 Skill To Focus On If You Are Building A Business Online

I had NO IDEA how good or bad my copywriting was until I started creating content on a regular basis that converted into leads for my business.

At that point I knew I must be doing something right! 😉

I also began to see more social media likes, comments & shares (feedback in my book) from blog posts, images and adverts I’d created that helped grow my brands and my business ventures.

Then I began studying people who wrote blog posts, sales pages & adverts everywhere I could and even subscribed to a group coaching program with one of the best copywriters I’d seen on social media over the last few years who made millions of dollars with social media.

When she came to critique my sales pages for the original Project Lifestyle Club she went pretty quiet.

She was taking it all in & asked, “are you visionary?”

I said, “well yes I believe I am.

She then said, “If she was going to create a sales page herself it would look a lot like mine did!”

Bingo! I’d got better!

If you’ve ever been in sales, copywriting will come easier to you and above all practice really does hone your skill set.

You can’t learn it overnight – but it can be learned.

Once you “get it” you’ll see it everywhere, from Newspaper & magazine headlines to packaging on your favourite products.

It’s THE #1 KEY SKILL to focus on if you are building a business online and with social media today you have the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to practice EVERY DAY for free!

So here are 7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates to help get you started.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #1 : Use Verbs In Your Descriptions

Verbs are words that encourage people to take action.

Use them to engage with people and suggest what they should do:-

Words like ..

  • GET
  • TAKE
  • LIKE
  • JOIN

People love to get involved with social media so encourage them!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #2: Keep It Simple

Use less words and keep them to words of one or two syllables.

According to research these 6 words of the most persuasive words in the English language :-

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

Using everyday language will work far better on social media than trying to blast out your industry jargon or use long technical words that most people are simply not going to understand.

Social media is a huge business to consumer platform and your social media updates should reflect that and meet them where they are at.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates "

Formula #3 : Grab Their Attention

As a business owner today adding content to constant stream of social media is a drop in the ocean.

So the more you can do to make sure you GET ATTENTION to your updates the better.

One of the best ways is using IMAGES & HEADLINES that ask questions your target audience might have.

In the example above Lewis Howes uses a great question as the headline in a subtle way but he knows his target audience would resonate which makes it a perfect example:-

If you ever feel you’re not GOOD ENOUGH you NEED to watch this episode”

It’s a great example of how to stand out & speak directly to your target audience whilst directing them to your content.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #4 : Be Specific And Clear

A great way to engage with people with your social media updates is to deliver your content VISUALLY with a great headline that describes exactly what your content is all about.

Your blog images should be on BRAND, SPECIFIC and CLEAR so when someone clicks to find out more they get exactly what they were promised.

Research has shown that Facebook updates of 40 characters or less receive more engagement so make full use of them by adding benefit driven content.

List formats work well on both Facebook and Instagram with emojis and icons to grab attention, for example:-

  • ✨We are having a celebration sale this weekend!
  • 🎯 Hit your goals 90% of the time with these 10 tips
  • ✔ Discover how we got 2,000 repins with this Pinterest strategy
"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #5: Use A Call To Action

For more effective results in general for your social media efforts include a CALL TO ACTION in your description.

Most people are scrolling Newsfeeds on their smartphones.

They are looking quickly at images, updates and videos that grab their attention.

You need to combine grabbing their attention with a CALL to ACTION for best effect.

  • Click here
  • Download your Free Checklist
  • Watch on YouTube
  • Leave us a comment
  • What’s your favourite?

Don’t leave anything to chance.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #6 : Problem – Agitate – Solution

There are many copywriting “formulas” that have been tried and tested for years and one of the most successful is problem, agitate, solution.

You explain THE PROBLEM.


And then you OFFER THE SOLUTION to the problem.

This works extremely well in adverts and in sales copy but it’s also very effective on social media.

In the example I use in the video, I am aligning myself with someone being constantly disappointed with diets (the problem)

In fact I’ve nearly given up because I can’t even enjoy a takeaway.

But when I discover The Eat Well With Ease Diet (I have made that up by the way) everything was easy & now I can enjoy eating out again!

The formula works for practically ANY business. Try it!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #7: Be Relevant

Social media provides you with the ultimate way in which to “piggy-back” News to gain organic reach for some of your updates.

The key thing here is to be relevant NOT SILLY.

For the example if you have a fashion blog or clothing website you might want to use the young royals or celebrities who have been pictured wearing an outfit as a SHOP THIS LOOK opportunity.

Don’t just randomly use the formula for unrelated content or products, it won’t work.

Subscribe to a daily News update in brief website or look at some of the most read News on any given day for ideas.


  • Copywriting is the #1 skill to focus on if you are building your business online.
  • Social media is the perfect platform to practice on for free everyday.
  • The more you do, the better your will get.
  • Read blogs and books on the subject of copywriting for the next 6 months to learn how to phrase your updates for better results.
  • Download my Free Cheatsheet for all 7 Formulas And Some Free Sample Headlines to get you started.

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to eave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

And I’d love to see your video intro creations too!

Remember …

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Click The Image Below To Grab A Copy Of My Free Checklist With All 7 Formulas Plus Ready To Go Headlines Inside!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"
Social Media Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF

Social Media Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF

Social Media Reigns Supreme In 2020 But What Should You Focus On?

Welcome to the first quarter of a whole new decade where social media still reigns supreme when it comes to marketing your business online.

And every small business owner is wondering what marketing strategies they should be focusing on in 2020 and beyond that will prove to be effective and profitable.

That’s where my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 & beyond comes in.

Social Media & ROI

2020 is the time to get focused and very serious about your return on investment when it comes to social media.

It isn’t ALL about reach, likes, shares and comments.

It’s about generating leads for your business that convert into paying customers.

Measure your results by your bank balance 😉 If it’s going UP you are winning, if it isn’t you are slipping backwards or making no progress an that can feel very frustrating.

All the viral content in the world isn’t going to show up in your bank account unless you start paying attention to growing your audience.

Your Marketing Strategy For Growth

I’ve designed and developed my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 to sift & sort through a never ending onslaught of tips, strategies and ideas on how to do this, that and everything else on social media but very few focus on one of the most important component parts ,, strategy.

I’ve designed the planner as a simple step-by-step plan that anyone can follow.

It not only provides you with a simple social media strategy to follow BUT it actively encourages you to build your audience and your network at the same time without getting dizzy or overwhelmed.

Business Building In 2020 Means Having A Balanced Approach To Social Media And Growing Your Audience

"porject lifestyle club quotes"

A frequently asked question I get asked A LOT is:-

“How do I get more organic reach with my updates on Facebook?”

It seems to be a somewhat flawed plan to think that social media is somehow a magic tool that can offer you a “free way to build a global business from your dining room table.”

It isn’t. It takes effort & a lot more work than most people think.

Organic reach on Facebook like it was in 2014 when you could reach 70,000 people with a £10 budget isn’t coming back.

There are over 2 billion Facebook users all posting regular updates of their own & viewing others doing the same.

We Are Awash With Content …

Add to that all the estimated 10 million Facebook Groups and a further 90 million Facebook Business Pages all vying for eyeballs on their content and it’s safe to say every piece of content you create is a teeny tiny boat in a massive ocean of content.

We are awash with it.

Most small business owners focus their time and attention on creating content to share (that’s darn good practise in my book and an absolute necessity for any business owner today.)

But so many small business owners, solopreneurs and entrepeneurs are reluctant to focus just as much effort, attention, time and money on growing an audience to share the content with.

Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner

So I devised my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 to address that much needed balance where posting updates to social media AND growing your network integrate together without you getting overwhelmed or in need of a lie-down in a darkened room.

"Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF"

2020 Is Perhaps When Social Media Comes Of Age And Small Business Owners Accept It And Embrace It

In case you hadn’t noticed, every small, medium or large business in the world is in publishing today.

CONTENT was always king but in today’s world great content is the absolute royal flush winning hand.

Whether it’s;-

  • Blog posts
  • Images
  • Social Media updates
  • Adverts & Promotions
  • Ebooks
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Motivational or Thought Leadership Quotes
  • Worksheets & Checklists
  • Or Any Type Of Video, Audio, Text or Image based content you can think of

Are You Just Posting Or Are You Growing?

Without it in today’s social media driven economy you are going to struggle to attract attention to you, your brand, your offers & your business.

If you’ve been using social media for a while now and finding it hard to see a return on your investment, how much time and money has been spent focused on building your audience?

Or building your network?

Or building on your unique message, style or brand?

Today in a much more mature social media world you need to calm down, stop trying to take it all in and just focus on strategies that build an audience that LOVE what you have to offer.

Focus On Growing, Building & Engaging

There are no shortages of people with problems you can solve.

Once you focus on that, every social media update you create, offer or promotion that you have running will yield far better results.

Instead of blasting your updates to a giant sea of largely un-interested people hoping you strike it lucky …

Take the time to focus on growing, building and engaging a targeted audience of like-minded people who love what you & your business offers them.

From there you’ll start to cultivate a warm, responsive audience that will be 100x more likely to become a customer of yours in the future.

Or become a brand ambassador to everyone they know looking for what you offer..

Either way it’s a win / win marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Finances And First Base According To T Harv Eker…

I remember a few years back listening to T Harv Eker relay most people’s approach to finances (we’ve all been there) in a story about Baseball.

He made it hugely entertaining by saying most people ran their finances with everything coming from first base. First base being your current account.

  • Where do you pay your bills from? – First base
  • Where do you pay for your vacation from? – First base
  • Where do you save for a rainy day from? – First base
  • Where do you do your grocery shopping from? – First base!

You get the drift. 😉

Today’s First Base in Marketing? Social Media …

  • Where do you spend the vast majority of your marketing efforts? – Social Media
  • What marketing do you do on a daily basis for your business? – Social Media
  • Where do you intend to spend more of your marketing budget this year? – Social Media
  • Where is most of your time being sucked up into a vacuum of activity with least tangible results? – Social Media
  • Where are most of your sales coming from?…. silence.

If you want to start seeing tangible results from your social media activities create a more balanced approach by integrating your social media updates & being creative with building your audience & network at the same time (being strategic.)

A Lesson Learned From Simon Cowell

Which one of the above is the odd one out?

The answer is Justin Bieber who built his own audience on YouTube before becoming a massively successful recording artist.

ALL the others were contestants on Simon Cowell’s X Factor show or American Idol, some winners, some runners up but all became well known recording artists in their own right thanks to Simon Cowell’s magic formula.

He takes a dozen or so complete strangers and over the course of 10 weeks or so he turns at least 1 of them into a global recording artist with a following so big he can guarantee a return on his investment from the show.


He Builds An Audience First

He focuses on building an audience for the up & coming artists and seeing who the public like, respond to and follow.

So what should you focus on building in addition to being busy creating and posting content?

Your audience.

With my traditional business Contemporary Log Living we’ve done exactly that since 2011 and in January 2020 we’ve seen our best ever start to a New Year.

What do I attribute that to the most?

Our Facebook page audience & our email list which has been built relentlessly over the last 8 years from zero to where it is today.

It gives us the ability to run promotions to that audience whenever we choose.

The best News of all is that you do not need 100’s of 1,000’s of people to create a successful business. For most small business owners 1,000 x sales of a £200 product or 20 sales of a £1,000 product or service would be enough to create a total transformation.

Start With A 30 Day Step-By-Step Plan To Follow …

Looking for a great place to start?

Download my 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 … of course.

"Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF"


  • In 2020 a balanced approach to social media and building your audience will yield far better results than just social media alone.
  • If you are looking for a better return on investment in 2020 and beyond and want to know what to focus on, put far more effort into building a targeted audience for your products & services.
  • You will find it almost impossible (there are always exceptions) to build your business for free. If you have a low budget focus on blogging or video as your #1 & #2 marketing strategies.
  • Build in a budget spend into your marketing mix. It’s never been easier to find your target audience (Hint! they are on Facebook every day!)
  • If you want a seriously good place to start, don’t pass up my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 it’s a step-by-step pan to follow for the 30 days, then you can repeat it every 30 days until it becomes part of your every day. And it’s totally free!

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

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