Social Media Kick-Start Marketing Planner

Social Media Kick-Start Marketing Planner

Start To Use Social Media More Effectively With My Free Kick-Start Marketing Planner

If social media posts are taking up too much time to focus on anything else, play it smart with my free kick-start marketing planner.

You will find yourself posting & growing your business, audience & network in the same amount of time.

Welcome to one of the most important traffic strategies in today’s business world where social media reigns supreme when it comes to marketing your business online and building your brand.

And with an increasing number of small business owners and female entrepreneurs left wondering what marketing strategies they should be focusing on that will prove to be effective and profitable I’ve developed a Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner to get you started.

Social Media & ROI

Now is the time to get focused and very serious about your return on investment when it comes to social media.

It isn’t ALL about reach, likes, shares, and comments.

It’s about generating leads for your business that convert into paying customers.

Measure your results by your bank balance 😉

If it’s going UP you are winning, if it isn’t you are slipping backward or making no progress and that can feel very frustrating.

All the viral content in the world isn’t going to show up in your bank account unless you start paying attention to growing your audience.

And that’s why following a good kick-start marketing planner makes sense.

Your Marketing Strategy For Growth

I’ve designed and developed my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner to sift & sort through a never-ending onslaught of tips, strategies, and ideas on how to do this, that, and everything else on social media but very few focus on one of the most important component parts, strategy.

It’s a simple step-by-step plan that anyone can follow.

Even if you are brand new to social media.

It not only provides you with a simple social media strategy to follow BUT it actively encourages you to build your audience and your network at the same time without getting dizzy or overwhelmed.

Business Building With Social Media Means Having A Balanced Approach To Social Media And Growing Your Audience As A Priority Strategy At The Same Time

"kick-start marketing planner"

A frequently asked question I get asked A LOT is:-

“How do I get more organic reach with my updates on Facebook?”

It seems to be a somewhat flawed plan to think that social media is somehow a magic tool that can offer you a “free way to build a global business from your dining room table.”

It isn’t.

It takes effort & a lot more work than most people think.

Organic reach on Facebook like it was in 2014 when you could reach 70,000 people with a £10 budget simply isn’t coming back.

There are over 2 billion Facebook users all posting regular updates of their own & viewing others doing the same.

We Are Awash With Content …

Add to that the estimated 10 million Facebook Groups and a further 90 million Facebook Business Pages all vying for eyeballs on their content and it’s safe to say every piece of content you create is a teeny tiny boat in a massive ocean of content.

We are awash with it.

Focusing a good proportion of your time and attention on creating content to share.

It’s darn good practice in my book and an absolute necessity for any business owner today.

Don’t be reluctant to focus just as much effort, attention, time, and money on growing an audience to share your content with.

It’s a key component part of building a rock-solid foundation for your business and your brand online from which to grow.

Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner

So I devised a Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner to address that much-needed balance where posting updates to social media AND growing your network integrate together without you getting overwhelmed or in need of a lie-down in a darkened room.

"Kick-Start Marketing Plan"

We Are In An Era When Social Media Has Comes Of Age And Business Owners Must Adapt To It, Accept It And Embrace It

"kick-start marketing planner"

In case you hadn’t noticed, every small, medium or large business in the world is in publishing today.

CONTENT was always king but in today’s world, great content is the absolute royal flush winning hand.

Whether it’s;-

  • Blog posts
  • Images
  • Social Media updates
  • Adverts & Promotions
  • Ebooks
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Motivational or Thought Leadership Quotes
  • Worksheets & Checklists
  • Or Any Type Of Video, Audio, Text or Image based content you can think of

Are You Just Posting Or Are You Growing?

Without it in today’s social media driven economy you are going to struggle to attract attention to you, your brand, your offers & your business.

If you’ve been using social media for a while now and are finding it hard to see a return on your investment ask yourself how much of your time and money has ALSO been spent building your audience?

Or building your network?

Or building on your unique message, style, or brand?

Today is a much more mature social media world.

You need to calm down, stop trying to learn it all, and just focus on strategies that build an audience that LOVE what you have to offer.

And that’s exactly what the kick-start marketing planner is designed to help you do.

Focus On Growing, Building & Engaging

There are no shortages of people with problems you can solve.

Once you focus on that, every social media update you create, offer or promotion that you have running will yield far better results.

Instead of blasting your updates to a giant sea of largely uninterested people hoping you strike it lucky …

Take the time to focus on growing, building, and engaging a targeted audience of like-minded people who love what you & your business offer them.

From there you’ll start to cultivate a warm, responsive audience that will be 100x more likely to become a customer of yours in the future.

Or become a brand ambassador to everyone they know looking for what you offer.

Either way, it’s a win/win marketing strategy right now.

Finances And First Base According To T Harv Eker…

"kick-start marketing planner"

I remember a few years back listening to T Harv Eker relay most people’s approach to finances (we’ve all been there) in a story about Baseball.

He made it hugely entertaining by saying most people ran their finances with everything coming from first base. The first base being your current account.

  • Where do you pay your bills from? – First base
  • Where do you pay for your vacation from? – First base
  • Where do you save for a rainy day from? – First base
  • Where do you do your grocery shopping from? – First base!

You get the drift. 😉

Today’s First Base in Marketing? Social Media …

  • Where do you spend the vast majority of your marketing efforts? – Social Media
  • What marketing do you do on a daily basis for your business? – Social Media
  • Where do you intend to spend more of your marketing budget this year? – Social Media
  • Where is most of your time being sucked up into a vacuum of activity with least tangible results? – Social Media
  • Where are most of your sales coming from?…. silence.

If you want to start seeing tangible results from your social media activities create a more balanced approach by integrating your social media updates & being creative with building your audience & network at the same time (being strategic.)

A Lesson In Audience First Building From Simon Cowell

"kick-start marketing planner"

Which one of the above is the odd one out?

The answer is Justin Bieber who built his own audience on YouTube before becoming a massively successful recording artist.

ALL the others were contestants on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor show or American Idol, some winners, some runners up but all became well-known recording artists in their own right thanks to Simon Cowell’s magic formula.

He takes a dozen or so complete strangers and over the course of 10 weeks or so he turns at least 1 of them into a global recording artist with a following so big he can guarantee a return on his investment from the show.


He Builds An Audience First

He focuses on building an audience for the up & coming artists and seeing who the public likes, responds to, and follows.

So what should you focus on building in addition to being busy creating and posting content?

Your audience. Just follow the step-by-step plan in the kick-start marketing planner.

With my traditional business Contemporary Log Living we’ve done exactly that since 2011. It’s got by far the largest following in its niche.

What do I attribute that to the most?

Our Facebook page audience & our email list which has been built relentlessly over the last 8 years from zero to where it is today.

It gives us the ability to run promotions to that audience whenever we choose.

The best news of all is that you do not need 100’s of 1,000’s of people to create a successful business.

For most small business owners 1,000 x sales of a £200 product or 20 sales of a £1,000 product or service would be enough to create a total transformation.

Start With A 30 Day Step-By-Step Kick-Start Marketing Plan To Follow …

Download my 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner today!

"kick-start marketing plan"


  • A well balanced approach to social media posts and building your audience at the same time will yield far better results than just social media alone.
  • If you are looking for a better return on investment with your social media efforts and want to know what to focus on, put as much effort into building a targeted audience for your products & services.
  • You will find it almost impossible (there are always exceptions) to build your business for free. If you have a low budget focus on blogging or video as your #1 & #2 marketing strategies.
  • Build in a budget spend into your marketing mix. It’s never been easier to find your target audience (Hint! they are on Facebook every day!)
  • If you want a seriously good place to start, don’t pass up my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner it’s a step-by-step pan to follow for the 30 days, then you can repeat it every 30 days until it becomes part of your every day. And it’s totally free!

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

The 6 Best Types Of Posts For Facebook Pages

The 6 Best Types Of Posts For Facebook Pages

I don’t know about you but there is nothing I like seeing better than Facebook posts I’ve created getting tons of likes, comments & shares.

I call them hitting a home run (even though my baseball knowledge isn’t exactly good) but I should think it feels amazing when you hit that ball right out of the park.

I’ve spent over 10 years figuring out what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to Facebook posts for business pages that’s why I created The Ultimate Facebook Content Plan for Busy People.

My first strategy was post & hope, I’m sure you can relate. I seriously didn’t have a Scooby-Doo (that’s another way of saying clue).

So here are the hands-down tried & tested 6 best types of Facebook posts listed for you so you can easily side-step the learning curve and just focus on the types of posts that just flat out work.

Facebook pages are the perfect way to build an audience for your brand & generate loyal customers for your business.

Whether you are just starting out or have been trying to figure it all out by yourself which Facebook page post types work better than others, just grab a notepad and pen and make sure you start including some of the following in your next social media scheduling day.

You should start to see more engagement from the get-go.

1. Multi image posts

"Facebook posts"

Multi-image posts will gain you far more engagement than one image posts and Facebook will allow more of your followers to see your latest update because it will appear that is a more important post or event.

Use this type of post to show various images of:-

  • Your products & services
  • Before and after shots of your service in use
  • An event you held or attended
  • Your customers using your product or service
  • A sequence of images that tell a story

2. Short Videos

Short info-style, promotional or informative videos will work really well on your Facebook page for increasing engagement and increasing page likes too.

You can either upload images to your Facebook page and select the Facebook option to turn them into videos for you or you can use a great little tool like Animoto for creating and editing videos like the one above.

With videos (both long and short) figuring so prominently in every business today it’s a great investment in your marketing efforts to be able to crank out unique video content whenever you need it.

3. Inspiration quotes

"Facebook posts"

Most Facebook pages will benefit from adding a motivational quote or saying in their social media content mix because people just love them.

Whether it’s a classic quote from Tony Robbins or a thought leadership quote from Simon Sinek matching the right type of quote to your Facebook audience is essential to see good results.

It’s an easy post type for entrepreneurs & business owners to use for great results and funny quotes or saying can work really well on any Facebook page.

Most people use social media as an escape from the day-to-day drudge of work, work, work so an inspirational quote shared with them in mind may just bring a smile to their face & gain you a new follower.