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7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates

7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates

Why Copywriting Is The #1 Skill To Focus On If You Are Building A Business Online

I had NO IDEA how good or bad my copywriting was until I started creating content on a regular basis that converted into leads for my business.

At that point I knew I must be doing something right! 😉

I also began to see more social media likes, comments & shares (feedback in my book) from blog posts, images and adverts I’d created that helped grow my brands and my business ventures.

Then I began studying people who wrote blog posts, sales pages & adverts everywhere I could and even subscribed to a group coaching program with one of the best copywriters I’d seen on social media over the last few years who made millions of dollars with social media.

When she came to critique my sales pages for the original Project Lifestyle Club she went pretty quiet.

She was taking it all in & asked, “are you visionary?”

I said, “well yes I believe I am.

She then said, “If she was going to create a sales page herself it would look a lot like mine did!”

Bingo! I’d got better!

If you’ve ever been in sales, copywriting will come easier to you and above all practice really does hone your skill set.

You can’t learn it overnight – but it can be learned.

Once you “get it” you’ll see it everywhere, from Newspaper & magazine headlines to packaging on your favourite products.

It’s THE #1 KEY SKILL to focus on if you are building a business online and with social media today you have the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to practice EVERY DAY for free!

So here are 7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates to help get you started.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #1 : Use Verbs In Your Descriptions

Verbs are words that encourage people to take action.

Use them to engage with people and suggest what they should do:-

Words like ..

  • GET
  • TAKE
  • LIKE
  • JOIN

People love to get involved with social media so encourage them!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #2: Keep It Simple

Use less words and keep them to words of one or two syllables.

According to research these 6 words of the most persuasive words in the English language :-

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

Using everyday language will work far better on social media than trying to blast out your industry jargon or use long technical words that most people are simply not going to understand.

Social media is a huge business to consumer platform and your social media updates should reflect that and meet them where they are at.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates "

Formula #3 : Grab Their Attention

As a business owner today adding content to constant stream of social media is a drop in the ocean.

So the more you can do to make sure you GET ATTENTION to your updates the better.

One of the best ways is using IMAGES & HEADLINES that ask questions your target audience might have.

In the example above Lewis Howes uses a great question as the headline in a subtle way but he knows his target audience would resonate which makes it a perfect example:-

If you ever feel you’re not GOOD ENOUGH you NEED to watch this episode”

It’s a great example of how to stand out & speak directly to your target audience whilst directing them to your content.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #4 : Be Specific And Clear

A great way to engage with people with your social media updates is to deliver your content VISUALLY with a great headline that describes exactly what your content is all about.

Your blog images should be on BRAND, SPECIFIC and CLEAR so when someone clicks to find out more they get exactly what they were promised.

Research has shown that Facebook updates of 40 characters or less receive more engagement so make full use of them by adding benefit driven content.

List formats work well on both Facebook and Instagram with emojis and icons to grab attention, for example:-

  • ✨We are having a celebration sale this weekend!
  • 🎯 Hit your goals 90% of the time with these 10 tips
  • ✔ Discover how we got 2,000 repins with this Pinterest strategy
"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #5: Use A Call To Action

For more effective results in general for your social media efforts include a CALL TO ACTION in your description.

Most people are scrolling Newsfeeds on their smartphones.

They are looking quickly at images, updates and videos that grab their attention.

You need to combine grabbing their attention with a CALL to ACTION for best effect.

  • Click here
  • Download your Free Checklist
  • Watch on YouTube
  • Leave us a comment
  • What’s your favourite?

Don’t leave anything to chance.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #6 : Problem – Agitate – Solution

There are many copywriting “formulas” that have been tried and tested for years and one of the most successful is problem, agitate, solution.

You explain THE PROBLEM.


And then you OFFER THE SOLUTION to the problem.

This works extremely well in adverts and in sales copy but it’s also very effective on social media.

In the example I use in the video, I am aligning myself with someone being constantly disappointed with diets (the problem)

In fact I’ve nearly given up because I can’t even enjoy a takeaway.

But when I discover The Eat Well With Ease Diet (I have made that up by the way) everything was easy & now I can enjoy eating out again!

The formula works for practically ANY business. Try it!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #7: Be Relevant

Social media provides you with the ultimate way in which to “piggy-back” News to gain organic reach for some of your updates.

The key thing here is to be relevant NOT SILLY.

For the example if you have a fashion blog or clothing website you might want to use the young royals or celebrities who have been pictured wearing an outfit as a SHOP THIS LOOK opportunity.

Don’t just randomly use the formula for unrelated content or products, it won’t work.

Subscribe to a daily News update in brief website or look at some of the most read News on any given day for ideas.


  • Copywriting is the #1 skill to focus on if you are building your business online.
  • Social media is the perfect platform to practice on for free everyday.
  • The more you do, the better your will get.
  • Read blogs and books on the subject of copywriting for the next 6 months to learn how to phrase your updates for better results.
  • Download my Free Cheatsheet for all 7 Formulas And Some Free Sample Headlines to get you started.

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to eave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

And I’d love to see your video intro creations too!

Remember …

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Click The Image Below To Grab A Copy Of My Free Checklist With All 7 Formulas Plus Ready To Go Headlines Inside!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"
How To Create A Video Intro That Looks And Sounds Amazing

How To Create A Video Intro That Looks And Sounds Amazing

As I embark on my feel the fear and do it anyway thinking about video marketing, I had to decide on several factors to get me started and stay consistent about creating more video content in 2020.

It’s time consuming, especially at the beginning if you are creating, recording and editing everything yourself. That’s me right now too by the way 😉

But one of the biggest questions I had with myself was to INTRO or NOT TO INTRO?

The benefits of creating an intro seem positive:-

  • Branding
  • Unique
  • More Memorable

All good in my book.

But you could argue that people find them annoying or unnecessary as in “I’m going to just skip to the “meaty” part of the content thanks”

But then every TV show, podcast or film show has a theme tune / film score or intro so that’s where I saw more positives than negatives.

So here’s how to create a video intro that looks and sounds amazing in less than 10 minutes (IF you don’t get carried away with the music like I did that is!)

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Why I Decided To Intro

For all the right, positive reasons of brand building, being unique, matching my personal style and describing what my YouTube Channel content and The Project Lifestyle Club is all about, I chose to INTRO.

My brief for creating the video intro was all about keeping it simple (because then it gets done .. right?)

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it effective
  • Keep it descriptive
  • Use 3 words to describe your channel content
  • Add a logo
  • Make the music current & catchy
"How To Create A Video Intro"

Where I Started?

So I started with the music.

And that was many hours lost on Audio Jungle trying to pick the right genre, the right tempo, the right track, the right sound.

To cut that process to a fraction of the time, I used a stock sound track from PlaceIt.Net

Then I thought about things like:-

  • What images do I use?
  • What do I say?
  • Will I be in it?
  • How to keep it short?
  • How to stop it from being annoying?

So here’s what I did as a solution to the problem, and I have to say the end result was brilliant.

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Step 1. Head Over To PlaceIt.Net

Click here to create your free account & get started with PlaceIt.Net

You can create your entire intro video without having to pay for it until you are happy.

I’ll cover the value for money PlaceIt.Net offers later in the post.

Head to the VIDEO MAKER section and check out all the templates.

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Step 2. Select Your Template

Don’t get too overwhelmed at the selection, just immediately discount all the ones that are not applicable to your business and remember to keep it memorable not flashy and informative enough to convey the value of your brand.

In this instance substance must trump style.

But you don’t have to compromise on branding it as yours, because the editing options are extensive.

You can change up:-

  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Background images
  • Add your logo
  • Change the accent colours
  • Add your own text

The key is to keep it simple and focus on your brand and your message in about 3 words plus your logo.

How to create a video intro"

Finish, Checkout & Download Your Video Intro

Once you have created your video intro and you are happy with it, you can download it with a watermark (not recommended) or opt of one of the PlaceIt.Net purchase options.

If you are not constantly creating visual content and can’t see the value of having unlimited access to everything PlaceIt.Net offers then the one-time purchase option is the way to go.

I opted for the annual plan because I create a ton of content for myself & my clients every week, so it makes sense.

It’s your choice either way but complete, purchase & download because the next step is to add your video intro to everything you create from today.

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Step 3. Add Your New Intro To Every Video Or Tutorial You Create

My favourite video editing tool is Camtasia on an equal basis with

I use them for different types of video content and find either one easy to use.

Once you have your video intro file downloaded it will be in an MP4 format which you can simply use over & over again at the start and end of all relevant video content you create.

"How To Create A Video Intro"


  • Keep your video intro short.
  • Keep it descriptive, 3 words is ideal.
  • Add your logo & / or your website
  • Select music that is positive and uplifting. (No heavy rock or love songs!)
  • Create your unique, branded video intro & enjoy!

Click here to create your free account & get started with PlaceIt.Net

Place.It makes it super easy to create all your social media images, logos, mock-ups, YouTube thumbnails & more!

Here’s The Finished Demo Intro Video I Used In The Video

And Here’s My Finished Video Intro For The Project Lifestyle Club!

Here’s the Video Intro Maker I used …

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to eave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

And I’d love to see your video intro creations too!

Remember …

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Did You Grab A Copy Of The Planner Yet?

How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook

How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook

When you begin to think of email as the online equivalent of people coming into your “store” you will want to make a great first impression with a professional email signature.

There is quite a buzz about email marketing at the moment with entrepreneurs demonstrating the power of building a responsive email list at a time when the vast majority of small business owners are focusing on social media.

I’m firmly in the build your email list camp on that one because it’s an asset for your business, you don’t own Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.

Using social media to BUILD your email list is a very powerful combination that can produce great results for you & your business in a relatively short time.

The number of people on your email list is a factor, but the communication you have with them and the relationship you build with them is far more important than just numbers.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a professional email signature for Microsoft Outlook using Hubspot’s great free tool to get every email conversation you have off to a great start.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook "

Step 1. Gather everything you need to create your swanky new email signature.

You will need:-

  • Your name 😉
  • Company
  • Address if using
  • Email address
  • Office phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Social Media Links (for the clickable icons within the email)
  • A Call To Action / Banner Advert & the URL it directs to.
  • Image links for any images you will be using. (*see the video for details of how to do this if you are stuck.)
"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

STEP 2. Gather your main social media links & add them with the other details.

Use Notepad, Evernote, Google Keep or a Google Doc handy for when you need to add them to your new email signature.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

Step 3. Hubspot’s free email generator tool allows you to USE images (recommended) but NOT UPLOAD images.

You have to host the image somewhere else and insert the URL of where the image is. *Watch the video for how to do this.*

The easiest way is to upload an image to your WordPress media library and copy the link from inside the media area, (See video) or you can use your Facebook profile image, right click it & select copy image address.

Just remember that if you use your Facebook image or something similar and your change it so will your email signature.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

Step 4. If you are feeling adventurous, add a clickable BANNER AD to the bottom of your email for list or offer opportunities with everyone you email.

Create one quickly & easily using one of the CANVA LEADERBOARD AD TEMPLATES.

With CANVA PRO you can save all your brand FONTS & COLOURS to make creating everything on brand so much easier.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook "

Step 5. Head over to Hubspot’s free email generator to start creating your new professional email signature.

If you have prepped your info like the boss you are, then this will take less than 5 minutes.

  • Select a template (I chose #1 in the video as it’s compact).
  • Go through the sections provided and copy & paste your information into the relevant boxes.
  • You will see your new signature in real time & you can add in your information and test out other templates before making your final selection.
  • Tweak & test everything until you are happy with the result.
"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

Step 8. Once you are happy, finalise the design by selecting COPY.

Hubspot make ask a question about your business in return for providing you with this awesome free tool.

Fair enough I say!

STEP 9. Open up Microsoft Outlook and select SIGNATURES.

Select ADD NEW

And copy & paste your Hubspot Email signature into the blank space & save.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook "

Step 10. Add a confidentiality notice to the bottom of your emails.

It’s professional & may prevent your emails being forwarded without your express permission, or cover you in a moment when an email goes astray.


  • Hubspot’s free email generator is a great resource to help you make a professional email signature for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Prepare your links & image links in advance for a great quick result.
  • Simply copy & paste your mew email signature in Outlook when you are done.
  • Add a confidentiality notice to the end fo your emails.

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Did You Grab A Copy Of The Planner Yet?

Social Media Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF

Social Media Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF

Social Media Reigns Supreme In 2020 But What Should You Focus On?

Welcome to the first quarter of a whole new decade where social media still reigns supreme when it comes to marketing your business online.

And every small business owner is wondering what marketing strategies they should be focusing on in 2020 and beyond that will prove to be effective and profitable.

That’s where my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 & beyond comes in.

Social Media & ROI

2020 is the time to get focused and very serious about your return on investment when it comes to social media.

It isn’t ALL about reach, likes, shares and comments.

It’s about generating leads for your business that convert into paying customers.

Measure your results by your bank balance 😉 If it’s going UP you are winning, if it isn’t you are slipping backwards or making no progress an that can feel very frustrating.

All the viral content in the world isn’t going to show up in your bank account unless you start paying attention to growing your audience.

Your Marketing Strategy For Growth

I’ve designed and developed my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 to sift & sort through a never ending onslaught of tips, strategies and ideas on how to do this, that and everything else on social media but very few focus on one of the most important component parts ,, strategy.

I’ve designed the planner as a simple step-by-step plan that anyone can follow.

It not only provides you with a simple social media strategy to follow BUT it actively encourages you to build your audience and your network at the same time without getting dizzy or overwhelmed.

Business Building In 2020 Means Having A Balanced Approach To Social Media And Growing Your Audience

"porject lifestyle club quotes"

A frequently asked question I get asked A LOT is:-

“How do I get more organic reach with my updates on Facebook?”

It seems to be a somewhat flawed plan to think that social media is somehow a magic tool that can offer you a “free way to build a global business from your dining room table.”

It isn’t. It takes effort & a lot more work than most people think.

Organic reach on Facebook like it was in 2014 when you could reach 70,000 people with a £10 budget isn’t coming back.

There are over 2 billion Facebook users all posting regular updates of their own & viewing others doing the same.

We Are Awash With Content …

Add to that all the estimated 10 million Facebook Groups and a further 90 million Facebook Business Pages all vying for eyeballs on their content and it’s safe to say every piece of content you create is a teeny tiny boat in a massive ocean of content.

We are awash with it.

Most small business owners focus their time and attention on creating content to share (that’s darn good practise in my book and an absolute necessity for any business owner today.)

But so many small business owners, solopreneurs and entrepeneurs are reluctant to focus just as much effort, attention, time and money on growing an audience to share the content with.

Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner

So I devised my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 to address that much needed balance where posting updates to social media AND growing your network integrate together without you getting overwhelmed or in need of a lie-down in a darkened room.

"Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF"

2020 Is Perhaps When Social Media Comes Of Age And Small Business Owners Accept It And Embrace It

In case you hadn’t noticed, every small, medium or large business in the world is in publishing today.

CONTENT was always king but in today’s world great content is the absolute royal flush winning hand.

Whether it’s;-

  • Blog posts
  • Images
  • Social Media updates
  • Adverts & Promotions
  • Ebooks
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Motivational or Thought Leadership Quotes
  • Worksheets & Checklists
  • Or Any Type Of Video, Audio, Text or Image based content you can think of

Are You Just Posting Or Are You Growing?

Without it in today’s social media driven economy you are going to struggle to attract attention to you, your brand, your offers & your business.

If you’ve been using social media for a while now and finding it hard to see a return on your investment, how much time and money has been spent focused on building your audience?

Or building your network?

Or building on your unique message, style or brand?

Today in a much more mature social media world you need to calm down, stop trying to take it all in and just focus on strategies that build an audience that LOVE what you have to offer.

Focus On Growing, Building & Engaging

There are no shortages of people with problems you can solve.

Once you focus on that, every social media update you create, offer or promotion that you have running will yield far better results.

Instead of blasting your updates to a giant sea of largely un-interested people hoping you strike it lucky …

Take the time to focus on growing, building and engaging a targeted audience of like-minded people who love what you & your business offers them.

From there you’ll start to cultivate a warm, responsive audience that will be 100x more likely to become a customer of yours in the future.

Or become a brand ambassador to everyone they know looking for what you offer..

Either way it’s a win / win marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Finances And First Base According To T Harv Eker…

I remember a few years back listening to T Harv Eker relay most people’s approach to finances (we’ve all been there) in a story about Baseball.

He made it hugely entertaining by saying most people ran their finances with everything coming from first base. First base being your current account.

  • Where do you pay your bills from? – First base
  • Where do you pay for your vacation from? – First base
  • Where do you save for a rainy day from? – First base
  • Where do you do your grocery shopping from? – First base!

You get the drift. 😉

Today’s First Base in Marketing? Social Media …

  • Where do you spend the vast majority of your marketing efforts? – Social Media
  • What marketing do you do on a daily basis for your business? – Social Media
  • Where do you intend to spend more of your marketing budget this year? – Social Media
  • Where is most of your time being sucked up into a vacuum of activity with least tangible results? – Social Media
  • Where are most of your sales coming from?…. silence.

If you want to start seeing tangible results from your social media activities create a more balanced approach by integrating your social media updates & being creative with building your audience & network at the same time (being strategic.)

A Lesson Learned From Simon Cowell

Which one of the above is the odd one out?

The answer is Justin Bieber who built his own audience on YouTube before becoming a massively successful recording artist.

ALL the others were contestants on Simon Cowell’s X Factor show or American Idol, some winners, some runners up but all became well known recording artists in their own right thanks to Simon Cowell’s magic formula.

He takes a dozen or so complete strangers and over the course of 10 weeks or so he turns at least 1 of them into a global recording artist with a following so big he can guarantee a return on his investment from the show.


He Builds An Audience First

He focuses on building an audience for the up & coming artists and seeing who the public like, respond to and follow.

So what should you focus on building in addition to being busy creating and posting content?

Your audience.

With my traditional business Contemporary Log Living we’ve done exactly that since 2011 and in January 2020 we’ve seen our best ever start to a New Year.

What do I attribute that to the most?

Our Facebook page audience & our email list which has been built relentlessly over the last 8 years from zero to where it is today.

It gives us the ability to run promotions to that audience whenever we choose.

The best News of all is that you do not need 100’s of 1,000’s of people to create a successful business. For most small business owners 1,000 x sales of a £200 product or 20 sales of a £1,000 product or service would be enough to create a total transformation.

Start With A 30 Day Step-By-Step Plan To Follow …

Looking for a great place to start?

Download my 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 … of course.

"Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner 2020 PDF"


  • In 2020 a balanced approach to social media and building your audience will yield far better results than just social media alone.
  • If you are looking for a better return on investment in 2020 and beyond and want to know what to focus on, put far more effort into building a targeted audience for your products & services.
  • You will find it almost impossible (there are always exceptions) to build your business for free. If you have a low budget focus on blogging or video as your #1 & #2 marketing strategies.
  • Build in a budget spend into your marketing mix. It’s never been easier to find your target audience (Hint! they are on Facebook every day!)
  • If you want a seriously good place to start, don’t pass up my Free 30 Day Kick-Start Marketing Planner For 2020 it’s a step-by-step pan to follow for the 30 days, then you can repeat it every 30 days until it becomes part of your every day. And it’s totally free!

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Did You Grab A Copy Of The Planner Yet?

How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

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Creating Your Brand Identity Makes Everything You Create 10x Easier And Faster

Hi I’m Diane Cossie, owner of Creative Online Marketing and creator of the Project Lifestyle Club.

In this video I’m going to walk you through a simple way to create a brand mood board for your business that you will love, follow and use every day you spend being creative or building your brand & your business from now on.

If you’ve been stuck wondering about what colours and fonts to use in your logo for the last six months, grab a pen a notepad and follow along with these simple steps to Creating A Brand Mood Board that fits you & your business image, style & message.

Once you discover how simple every social media update, blog image, YouTube Thumbnail, Instagram post etc can be once you’ve created a brand mood board for your business, you will find yourself wondering why on earth you didn’t start with this important first step!

I know I wish I’d done it that way round 😉

In This Video:-

  • Learn about how to choose colours for your brand to create a unique brand colour palette.
  • What colours attract customers or influence them to buy.
  • Which sites are great resources for royalty free images.
  • Why texture makes all the difference to your design.
  • How to define your values around your brand.
  • An easy way to design your logo.
  • And the best way to piece your business mood board together.

Resources Mentioned In This Video

For the easiest graphic designing tool for beginners it has to be Canva.

For a ton of branding inspiration look no further than Pinterest.

Royalty Free Images #1 : BigStockPhoto

Royalty Free Images #2 : Unsplash

Royalty Free Images #3 : Canva

Let’s Get Social!

Follow the Project Lifestyle Club on your favourite Social Media platform!

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!