The Secret To Blog Post Ideas That Attract Pinterest Traffic

The Secret To Blog Post Ideas That Attract Pinterest Traffic

It’s difficult to create appealing content when the world News is dominated by a pandemic, so the best type of content to focus your efforts on is EVERGREEN content that will be appealing over a longer period of time.

If you ever wanted some of the easiest & most appealing blog post ideas to create, this is it.

Creating a winning curated blog post strategy for your business can drive more traffic, especially from Pinterest.

It can gain you more eyeballs on your content and please the search engines all at the same time.

Curated posts are some of my favourite types of easy blog post ideas for driving more engagement.

Engagement is the holy grail on social media.

In fact when I first came across curated post content and list posts I thought it was “cheating” because they seemed so easy right?

I’m guessing it’s a perfectionist entrepreneur “thing”,

We seem to want to create everything ourselves, from scratch, AND on brand.

And even though it takes 10x longer, we’ll go ahead and add it to the To-Do-List.

Which typically looks more like the length of a knitted scarf than a succinct hit-list of must-do’s.

But as I tested this type of post and saw how popular they were, I quickly changed my mind and regularly use them.

Plus they are fun and interesting to do.

Even if you have a product or service based business, such as installing windows & conservatories,

fitting carpets,

blinds & curtains,

bathrooms & kitchens etc,

Creating a curated blog post can quickly become one of your most popular and interesting blogs.

Especially to your prospective clients and customers.

People love ideas, tips and visual content.

They can relate to images whatever industry or niche you are in.

With a Facebook page to keep feeding with interesting and original content,

You might just want to take a break for the next 5 minutes

And take some notes on exactly how you can create a winning curated blog post for your business.

Read on to find out how to create them, step-by-step.

Step 1 : Think About Some Of Your Customer’s Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Creating content around long-tail keyword phrases is one of the must-do’s for any blogger for business.

Producing content that is already being searched for is an essential starting point for any piece of content you produce.

One of my favourite tools for this is SEO book.

But as this blog post is all about creating a winning curated blog post strategy for your business, it requires a slightly different way of thinking about your content than just SEO.

If you have spent quite some time in front of your customers by now you should have noticed several questions come up over and over again.

It’s these questions that should be the inspiration.

Because they are interesting to your customers.

Here is an examples I created for Contemporary Log Living as a sprinkling of inspiration:-

  • In this example I curated some ideas from Pinterest & Google, added some tips and created a post that has gone viral on Pinterest and drives lots of traffic to the website every month.

Step 2 : Create Your Curated Content From Your Customers Perspective

The key to creating winning curated posts like these is to think about them from your customers perspective.

  • What helps them get an “aha!” moment?
  • What would make them be able to see what you are describing in a more visual way?
  • How could you demonstrate some previous projects that would help position you as an expert in your niche?
  • What ideas could you share with prospective customers that would inspire them?
  • Do you have a case study or testimonial that you could break down into bite-sized chunks that demonstrates a transformation?

Coming up with the angle for your curated blog post is the strategy behind the curated post, and it’s vital that it comes from your customers perspective.

A blog post written for something your ideal customers have in mind will give you an edge over your competitors.

In this example I added a video, showed some curated examples of what a dressing room might look like and added some tips. Once again it is a great example of how curated content can help you create some of your best blog post ideas AND drive traffic from Pinterest.

Step 3  : Find Or Create Your Content Images

Implementing this strategy into your blogging plan is something you will want to do on a regular basis.

It will also depend on the number of blogs you create in a month.

A good ratio to work to is 1 in 4.

This works especially well if you create a new blog post every week.

If you only create new blog posts every other week, then I would recommend doing every third or fourth one as a curated post in some way.

If you are a food blogger then you may well be creating curated blog posts more frequently. Because recipes are perfect for this strategy.

Create a Pinterest Board for any content that you find

And start collecting images for your blog post ideas from places such as :-

  • Google images.
  • Royalty free images.
  • Images you find on Pinterest.
  • Images you’ve downloaded and used in the past.
  • Online magazines in your niche.
  • Popular & Authority blogs in your niche.

Remember to PIN them all to your Pinterest board, because you are going to need them when you piece the blog post together.

In this example I added collected some of the best images I could find for people to draw imagination from if they were thinking about converting a garage space into a new room. It is one of the top pages for Google traffic to the website every month.

Step 4  : Choose The Number Of Images (Steps / Keys / Ideas) You Are Going To Use

You may have noticed that List Posts grab readers attention.

So much so that even top magazines use them each and every month for the very same reason.

Examples of list posts you might use could include:-

How To Use “_____”

How To Make The Perfect “_______”

How To Start “_____”

How To Generate More “_____”

(#) Proven Ways To “_____”

(#) Steps To “_____”

(#) Reasons Your “_____” Isn’t Working

A Beginners Guide To “_____”

The Ultimate Guide To “_____”

Brainstorm some headlines for blog posts like this.

And store them in Evernote, (for the paperless, digital option).

Or open up a Word or Google Doc and just fill a sheet with everything that comes into your head.

The key thing here is to develop at least 12 ideas.

Which will give you 6-12 months of content for your blog straight away.

Once you have a list of at least a dozen ideas you need to find images from your saved working Pinterest board.

You will need to link to them as the original source in your blog post.

Step 5  :Creating The Blog Post Itself

Preparation is everything when it comes to creating a winning curated post for your business.

it’s like baking a virtual “cake,”

you need to gather all the ingredients together first,

in the right quantity.

Then follow the recipe to the letter.

And what will emerge will look beautiful and good enough to share & repin on Pinterest if you are lucky!

One of the keys to creating a winning curated blog post is the ability to “say what you see”.

Because you will be writing captions to go with your images.

Online magazines often shorten everything down to a slider with just images.

But I wouldn’t recommend doing that as a small business owner.

Nor would I recommend you have a ton of adverts, banners, pop-ups and videos to distract people from your content.

Adding some thoughtful comments and captions to your post makes your readers see how the image applies to them.

The first and most important ingredient is the IMAGE. 

For this example I’m going to pretend I’m creating a curated blog post called:-

5 Fast &  Healthy Lunches For Busy Work From Entrepreneurs

“So by this point I’ve researched, found and pinned my content.

Next I’m going to screen capture the images I’m going to use in the curated blog post.

Some of the PINTEREST images will be too small.

So you may need to capture from the original source of the image instead.

Whichever you do you MUST credit the original source in your post.”

You can also use royalty free images or free image sites as your curated content if you prefer.

Upload the image is the normal way and then add a line immediately underneath the image saying “original source.”

(remember to add your SEO description to your image)

LINK to the original source & give credit to the person who created it.

It should look like this:-

Chicken Shawarma 

orginal source

Step 6  : Adding Text To Enhance The Post

If you have ever seen the TV show Catchphrase you’ll really get to grips with the next part of creating your winning curated blog post strategy.

Because the easiest way to enhance your wonderful creation is add a few lines of descriptive text to each image.

Say what you see.

For inspiration check out the original source of the image.

See if there are some phrases you could re-work from there.

Or take a look at online magazines like House Beautiful to see how they piece together a short paragraph around each featured image.

It takes a little bit of practice.

But you’ll soon find it easier to put a few short descriptive sentences together about the image.

For example: 

“Add a few stylish desk top accessories to create perfect finishes touches to a pulled together super organised home office.

With no boss breathing down your neck, or battleship grey walls to keep your creativeness on hold, feel free to design a work space that will inspire you to build your brand right from the comfort of your own home.”

Step 7 : Add A 10% Item That Nobody Else Would Think Of 

The main reason one blog post, article, video or social media post gets more likes, shares and repins than another is based entirely on the content.

It has to add a little something extra.

That one tip nobody else wrote about.

That one marketing strategy that nobody explained before.

That special giveaway or printable to download later etc.

When I created the cosy guest room post for Contemporary Log Living I added a 10% item.

It’s the framed Wi-fi password for guests at the bottom of the post.

I believe it’s responsible for the vast majority of the Pinterest traffic it brings month after month.

So when you create a curated blog post always make up the posts in this way:-

70% is rock solid content that would be expected

20% to be slightly different or thought provoking in some way 

10% to be a light bulb moment, or takeaway from the blog post that’s guaranteed to be something unexpected.


  • Curated blog posts are designed for interest to your readers and ideal customers, they are super easy to create.
  • Gather together all the “ingredients” first to make piecing together your curated blog post as easy as possible.
  • Always credit the original source under each image you use.
  • Embellish your post with a paragraph or two of descriptive text – “say what you see”.
  • Add a 10% item that most bloggers wouldn’t think to do, it’s the online version of  going the extra mile

So there you have it, a winning strategy for blog post ideas that when you do them right, will drive traffic to your website!

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

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How To Create A Video Intro That Looks And Sounds Amazing

How To Create A Video Intro That Looks And Sounds Amazing

As I embark on my feel the fear and do it anyway thinking about video marketing, I had to decide on several factors to get me started and stay consistent about creating more video content in 2020.

It’s time consuming, especially at the beginning if you are creating, recording and editing everything yourself. That’s me right now too by the way 😉

But one of the biggest questions I had with myself was to INTRO or NOT TO INTRO?

The benefits of creating an intro seem positive:-

  • Branding
  • Unique
  • More Memorable

All good in my book.

But you could argue that people find them annoying or unnecessary as in “I’m going to just skip to the “meaty” part of the content thanks”

But then every TV show, podcast or film show has a theme tune / film score or intro so that’s where I saw more positives than negatives.

So here’s how to create a video intro that looks and sounds amazing in less than 10 minutes (IF you don’t get carried away with the music like I did that is!)

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Why I Decided To Intro

For all the right, positive reasons of brand building, being unique, matching my personal style and describing what my YouTube Channel content and The Project Lifestyle Club is all about, I chose to INTRO.

My brief for creating the video intro was all about keeping it simple (because then it gets done .. right?)

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it effective
  • Keep it descriptive
  • Use 3 words to describe your channel content
  • Add a logo
  • Make the music current & catchy
"How To Create A Video Intro"

Where I Started?

So I started with the music.

And that was many hours lost on Audio Jungle trying to pick the right genre, the right tempo, the right track, the right sound.

To cut that process to a fraction of the time, I used a stock sound track from PlaceIt.Net

Then I thought about things like:-

  • What images do I use?
  • What do I say?
  • Will I be in it?
  • How to keep it short?
  • How to stop it from being annoying?

So here’s what I did as a solution to the problem, and I have to say the end result was brilliant.

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Step 1. Head Over To PlaceIt.Net

Click here to create your free account & get started with PlaceIt.Net

You can create your entire intro video without having to pay for it until you are happy.

I’ll cover the value for money PlaceIt.Net offers later in the post.

Head to the VIDEO MAKER section and check out all the templates.

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Step 2. Select Your Template

Don’t get too overwhelmed at the selection, just immediately discount all the ones that are not applicable to your business and remember to keep it memorable not flashy and informative enough to convey the value of your brand.

In this instance substance must trump style.

But you don’t have to compromise on branding it as yours, because the editing options are extensive.

You can change up:-

  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Background images
  • Add your logo
  • Change the accent colours
  • Add your own text

The key is to keep it simple and focus on your brand and your message in about 3 words plus your logo.

How to create a video intro"

Finish, Checkout & Download Your Video Intro

Once you have created your video intro and you are happy with it, you can download it with a watermark (not recommended) or opt of one of the PlaceIt.Net purchase options.

If you are not constantly creating visual content and can’t see the value of having unlimited access to everything PlaceIt.Net offers then the one-time purchase option is the way to go.

I opted for the annual plan because I create a ton of content for myself & my clients every week, so it makes sense.

It’s your choice either way but complete, purchase & download because the next step is to add your video intro to everything you create from today.

"How To Create A Video Intro"

Step 3. Add Your New Intro To Every Video Or Tutorial You Create

My favourite video editing tool is Camtasia on an equal basis with

I use them for different types of video content and find either one easy to use.

Once you have your video intro file downloaded it will be in an MP4 format which you can simply use over & over again at the start and end of all relevant video content you create.

"How To Create A Video Intro"


  • Keep your video intro short.
  • Keep it descriptive, 3 words is ideal.
  • Add your logo & / or your website
  • Select music that is positive and uplifting. (No heavy rock or love songs!)
  • Create your unique, branded video intro & enjoy!

Click here to create your free account & get started with PlaceIt.Net

Place.It makes it super easy to create all your social media images, logos, mock-ups, YouTube thumbnails & more!

Here’s The Finished Demo Intro Video I Used In The Video

And Here’s My Finished Video Intro For The Project Lifestyle Club!

Here’s the Video Intro Maker I used …

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to eave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

And I’d love to see your video intro creations too!

Remember …

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

P.S. Did You Grab A Copy Of The Planner Yet?

How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook

How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook

When you begin to think of email as the online equivalent of people coming into your “store” you will want to make a great first impression with a professional email signature.

There is quite a buzz about email marketing at the moment with entrepreneurs demonstrating the power of building a responsive email list at a time when the vast majority of small business owners are focusing on social media.

I’m firmly in the build your email list camp on that one because it’s an asset for your business, you don’t own Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.

Using social media to BUILD your email list is a very powerful combination that can produce great results for you & your business in a relatively short time.

The number of people on your email list is a factor, but the communication you have with them and the relationship you build with them is far more important than just numbers.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a professional email signature for Microsoft Outlook using Hubspot’s great free tool to get every email conversation you have off to a great start.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook "

Step 1. Gather everything you need to create your swanky new email signature.

You will need:-

  • Your name 😉
  • Company
  • Address if using
  • Email address
  • Office phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Social Media Links (for the clickable icons within the email)
  • A Call To Action / Banner Advert & the URL it directs to.
  • Image links for any images you will be using. (*see the video for details of how to do this if you are stuck.)
"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

STEP 2. Gather your main social media links & add them with the other details.

Use Notepad, Evernote, Google Keep or a Google Doc handy for when you need to add them to your new email signature.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

Step 3. Hubspot’s free email generator tool allows you to USE images (recommended) but NOT UPLOAD images.

You have to host the image somewhere else and insert the URL of where the image is. *Watch the video for how to do this.*

The easiest way is to upload an image to your WordPress media library and copy the link from inside the media area, (See video) or you can use your Facebook profile image, right click it & select copy image address.

Just remember that if you use your Facebook image or something similar and your change it so will your email signature.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

Step 4. If you are feeling adventurous, add a clickable BANNER AD to the bottom of your email for list or offer opportunities with everyone you email.

Create one quickly & easily using one of the CANVA LEADERBOARD AD TEMPLATES.

With CANVA PRO you can save all your brand FONTS & COLOURS to make creating everything on brand so much easier.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook "

Step 5. Head over to Hubspot’s free email generator to start creating your new professional email signature.

If you have prepped your info like the boss you are, then this will take less than 5 minutes.

  • Select a template (I chose #1 in the video as it’s compact).
  • Go through the sections provided and copy & paste your information into the relevant boxes.
  • You will see your new signature in real time & you can add in your information and test out other templates before making your final selection.
  • Tweak & test everything until you are happy with the result.
"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook"

Step 8. Once you are happy, finalise the design by selecting COPY.

Hubspot make ask a question about your business in return for providing you with this awesome free tool.

Fair enough I say!

STEP 9. Open up Microsoft Outlook and select SIGNATURES.

Select ADD NEW

And copy & paste your Hubspot Email signature into the blank space & save.

"How To Create A Professional Email Signature In Microsoft Outlook "

Step 10. Add a confidentiality notice to the bottom of your emails.

It’s professional & may prevent your emails being forwarded without your express permission, or cover you in a moment when an email goes astray.


  • Hubspot’s free email generator is a great resource to help you make a professional email signature for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Prepare your links & image links in advance for a great quick result.
  • Simply copy & paste your mew email signature in Outlook when you are done.
  • Add a confidentiality notice to the end fo your emails.

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!

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Facebook Page Cover Tips & Tricks 2020

Facebook business pages are hands down one of the most important tools in your business today.

They help create implied trust and help build your brand when you put in the time and effort to build your audience consistently over time.

Check some of the Facebook business page tips and tricks below and give your Facebook business page a bit of a makeover at the same time.

We are all busy small business owners and entrepreneurs today with a lot of “extras” to manage on top of the day to day running of your business.

Those social media profiles you set up a little while ago can quickly go stale and out of date if you don’t check them on a monthly or quarterly basis.

To help you remember to manage these essential platforms for your business today and to offer some inspiration at the same time, feel free to check out my YouTube Channel for free digital, social media and content marketing tips every week.

Update Your Facebook Page Cover Every Month Or With Every Promotion

When was the last time you checked your Facebook Business page cover was up to date?

A couple of months can go by in a flash and Facebook business page covers can quickly become out of date (especially promotional ones)

Work Intelligently Tip! Use a smart app like WUNDERLIST to create a monthly reminder to drop by & refresh your Facebook business page cover. It’s a great habit to forge.

Even though I sound like a broken record by now, CANVA.COM is your best online friend for creating images.

(It’s completely revolutionized every image on my website and social media (I frequently receive great comments on Instagram about them ❤ I literally cannot recommend it highly enough!) ????????????

How To Easily Create A New Facebook Business Page Cover Image

Head over to CANVA.COM and open a free account if you haven’t already got one and select the Facebook Cover template.

It’s already the right size at 820px x 312px so you can’t go wrong!

And it will show you some pretty good templates you can tweak and use for yourself too!

Some tips for your design:-

  • Keep it simple and eye catching.
  • Have your website url and name on there somewhere.
  • If you use a hashtag, think about adding that too.
  • Be on brand! (See this tutorial if you need some help with that)
  • Set the tone for what new visitors can expect from your content.
  • Add an intriguing or unique quote to enhance what you do.
  • Say Welcome To My Page!

Getting Creative & Strategic With Your Facebook Business Page Cover

Facebook business page covers do not have to be static images!

Click on the CAMERA icon on the top left hand corner of your Facebook business page to see the drop down menu of all the OPTIONS Facebook offers you to get creative with.

"facebook business page cover slideshow"

Facebook allow you to create a SLIDESHOW or VIDEO too!

How cool is that!

To create a Facebook business page SLIDESHOW simply select the EDIT SLIDESHOW option and you can then add other images to your Facebook Business page cover to showcase your business or tell a story.

To Create A Facebook Business Page Video Cover (Step-By-Step Tutorial)…

Check out this video tutorial and follow along the steps on the blog post I created that goes with the video.

Next Add A Description To Your Facebook Business Page Cover

MARKET BRILLIANTLY TIP! Don’t miss the opportunity to add a description to your Facebook Cover so that people who click on the image can find out more about you! AND KEEP A COPY on Evernote or on your computer to copy & paste it when you change the cover again.

This little screen capture video will show you where to add your description.

Some tips for your description might include:-

  • Introduce yourself, your business and say “Hello!”
  • Tell visitors a little bit about you, and how your business can potentially help them.
  • Add in links to any LEAD MAGNETS or PROMOTIONS you are running.
  • Make sure there is a link back to your website.
  • Write it as if you were talking to someone.
  • Give some great reasons why someone should follow your page!

Don’t Forget The Big Blue Button It’s A Prominent Call To Action On A Smart Phone!

Immediately below your Facebook business cover is a BLUE BUTTON that when viewed on a smart phone covers the entire screen.

It’s designed to help people find out more about you, including options such as:-

  • Make a booking with you.
  • Contact you.
  • Learn more about your business.
  • Shop with you or make a donation.
  • Download your app.
  • Join your community.

This little screen capture video shows you where the button is located and how to edit & make your selection.

With one of Facebook’s 2019 prime takeaways from it’s vision for Facebook for the future being about the importance of privacy and Facebook Groups, if you have a Facebook Group it’s probably a good idea to use that option for your BLUE BUTTON.

If You’re Enjoying These Bite-Sized Tips And How-To’s You’ll Love This!

We are all in an online business today and the more we can help support one another and share our tips and tricks the better for all.

So feel free to check out my YouTube Channel for digital, social media and content marketing tips every week.

"YouTube Channel Project Lifestyle Club"

Lessons Learned From Sharpening The Saw – One Of The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey

If you’ve never come across the phrase “Sharpening The Saw” before it’s a famous story with a simple but powerful message behind it that goes something like this:-

A woodcutter was trying and failing to saw down a tree.  A young man who was watching asked “What are you doing?”

“Are you blind?” the woodcutter replied. “I’m cutting down this tree.”

The young man was unabashed. “You look exhausted! Take a break. Sharpen your saw.”

The woodcutter explained to the young man that he had been sawing for hours and did not have time to take a break.

The young man pushed back… “If you sharpen the saw, you would cut down the tree much faster.”

The woodcutter said “I don’t have time to sharpen the saw. Don’t you see I’m too busy?”

And there lies the problem that is years old that is 10X more applicable than ever to our every day busy lives today.

We are busy busy busy ALL the time. It’s relentless.

But as we being productive with that time?

You’ll get to where you are going 10x faster.


  • Freshening and changing up your Facebook Business Page Cover every month or whenever you have a promotion is good practice.
  • Get creative with some of the other options Facebook allow such as a SLIDESHOW or a VIDEO.
  • Add a description to your Facebook cover.
  • Make sure you have a good call to action set up with the blue button immediately below your cover image.
  • Sharpen the Saw every month in one area of your business with my free digital, social media and content marketing tips every week. Subscribe here to my YouTube Channel and I look forward to helping you grow your business online!
"Diane Cossie Project Lifestyle Club"

P.S. Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook every day for business building tips & inspiration to help make your day go just that little bit better!

How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

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Creating Your Brand Identity Makes Everything You Create 10x Easier And Faster

Hi I’m Diane Cossie, owner of Creative Online Marketing and creator of the Project Lifestyle Club.

In this video I’m going to walk you through a simple way to create a brand mood board for your business that you will love, follow and use every day you spend being creative or building your brand & your business from now on.

If you’ve been stuck wondering about what colours and fonts to use in your logo for the last six months, grab a pen a notepad and follow along with these simple steps to Creating A Brand Mood Board that fits you & your business image, style & message.

Once you discover how simple every social media update, blog image, YouTube Thumbnail, Instagram post etc can be once you’ve created a brand mood board for your business, you will find yourself wondering why on earth you didn’t start with this important first step!

I know I wish I’d done it that way round 😉

In This Video:-

  • Learn about how to choose colours for your brand to create a unique brand colour palette.
  • What colours attract customers or influence them to buy.
  • Which sites are great resources for royalty free images.
  • Why texture makes all the difference to your design.
  • How to define your values around your brand.
  • An easy way to design your logo.
  • And the best way to piece your business mood board together.

Resources Mentioned In This Video

For the easiest graphic designing tool for beginners it has to be Canva.

For a ton of branding inspiration look no further than Pinterest.

Royalty Free Images #1 : BigStockPhoto

Royalty Free Images #2 : Unsplash

Royalty Free Images #3 : Canva

Let’s Get Social!

Follow the Project Lifestyle Club on your favourite Social Media platform!

Be kind, stay positive & believe in yourself!