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Hi, I’m Diane and I believe everything you are seeking right now can be summed up into two words … Project Lifestyle.

At first I was afraid I was petrified ..

That famous line from Gloria Gaynor’s anthem “I Will Survive!” says it all doesn’t it?

Especially if you are a woman stepping out into a business of your own for the first time & flying solo.

I’ve always been a big part of the business ventures my husband & I have run together, in fact I still am. Contemporary Log Living is an awesome business to be involved with, I absolutely love it.

I created a WordPress website, a Facebook page and started blogging every week about garden annexes and it blossomed into a multi-million pound turnover business in a very short space of time.

So as the Covid-19 era dust starts to settle, it’s time to share some of those all important strategies with Project Lifestyle Club Members looking for a way to leverage the heck out of the internet, smash it with social media and build a lifestyle business of their own design. 

Sound fair? Great, we are going to get along! 

My Story 

Hello, I’m Diane Cossie, I’m a Digital Marketing Coach & creator of The Project Lifestyle Club.

I have a passion for online marketing that is simply irresistable to small business owners & entrepreneurs looking for someone to show them exactly what they need to do to build a profitable business using todays digital platforms.

Back in 2006 I wrote an Ebook that became recommended reading by a National newspaper.

It got me a whole lot of media coverage, gave me taste for online sales & I was totally hooked on the future of business as we know it today.

I began searching for online marketing training & found it in the USA as part of a high ticket direct sales business. That success formula is something I still work with today.

And the skills I’d learned stayed with me. So … I started applying them to a website I’d created called

It worked like a charm!

Within a couple of years we had accumulated over £1,000,000 in sales revenue with nothing other than a WordPress blog, a weekly Newsletter and a Facebook page.

By applying some digital and social media strategies to a traditonal business we built what still is the #1 Facebook presence in our niche.

And that’s the unique twist I bring to the Project Lifestyle Club.

Whether you have a traditional offline business (like me) or dream of building a digital business (like the Project Lifestyle Club) or a mix of the two, I can help you build & grow a rock solid foundation for a modern-day business online.

Together we’ll develop your strategy to build momentum in your business, grow your email list, generate leads for your products and services on autopilot 24/7 and build your brand into a force even Yoda would be proud of 😉 

The Project Lifestyle Club Method


Think Successfully

You will hear it over & over again, mindset is everything. Thinking successfully when life is filled with distractions, trip-wires and “A bombs” is as essential as oxygen to breathe. Play the long game, train hard learn fast and implement even faster.

Create Content Beautifully

Great content is your valuable currency in today’s media filled world. From social media images to blogs, podcasts & video. The best way to stand out online? Create stand-out BEAUTIFUL content.

Market Brilliantly

Mindset may be everything, but marketing is the ONLY thing that will drive leads and sales for your Project Lifestyle business fact. The real secret sauce? Direct Response Marketing.

Work Intelligently

Work smarter, not harder. Use today’s software to run your business like a well oiled machine. When you get overwhelmed – get software to regain control and strategise the way forward.

My Mission

My mission is to demonstrate a desire to help small business owners THINK SUCCESSFULLY, CREATE CONTENT BEAUTIFULLY, MARKET BRILLIANTLY & WORK INTELLIGENTLY so they can create a lifestyle business of their own design that brings them peace, joy, great health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

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