Why Copywriting Is The #1 Skill To Focus On If You Are Building A Business Online

I had NO IDEA how good or bad my copywriting was until I started creating content on a regular basis that converted into leads for my business.

At that point I knew I must be doing something right! 😉

I also began to see more social media likes, comments & shares (feedback in my book) from blog posts, images and adverts I’d created that helped grow my brands and my business ventures.

Then I began studying people who wrote blog posts, sales pages & adverts everywhere I could and even subscribed to a group coaching program with one of the best copywriters I’d seen on social media over the last few years who made millions of dollars with social media.

When she came to critique my sales pages for the original Project Lifestyle Club she went pretty quiet.

She was taking it all in & asked, “are you visionary?”

I said, “well yes I believe I am.

She then said, “If she was going to create a sales page herself it would look a lot like mine did!”

Bingo! I’d got better!

If you’ve ever been in sales, copywriting will come easier to you and above all practice really does hone your skill set.

You can’t learn it overnight – but it can be learned.

Once you “get it” you’ll see it everywhere, from Newspaper & magazine headlines to packaging on your favourite products.

It’s THE #1 KEY SKILL to focus on if you are building a business online and with social media today you have the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to practice EVERY DAY for free!

So here are 7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates to help get you started.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #1 : Use Verbs In Your Descriptions

Verbs are words that encourage people to take action.

Use them to engage with people and suggest what they should do:-

Words like ..

  • GET
  • TAKE
  • LIKE
  • JOIN

People love to get involved with social media so encourage them!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #2: Keep It Simple

Use less words and keep them to words of one or two syllables.

According to research these 6 words of the most persuasive words in the English language :-

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

Using everyday language will work far better on social media than trying to blast out your industry jargon or use long technical words that most people are simply not going to understand.

Social media is a huge business to consumer platform and your social media updates should reflect that and meet them where they are at.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates "

Formula #3 : Grab Their Attention

As a business owner today adding content to constant stream of social media is a drop in the ocean.

So the more you can do to make sure you GET ATTENTION to your updates the better.

One of the best ways is using IMAGES & HEADLINES that ask questions your target audience might have.

In the example above Lewis Howes uses a great question as the headline in a subtle way but he knows his target audience would resonate which makes it a perfect example:-

If you ever feel you’re not GOOD ENOUGH you NEED to watch this episode”

It’s a great example of how to stand out & speak directly to your target audience whilst directing them to your content.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #4 : Be Specific And Clear

A great way to engage with people with your social media updates is to deliver your content VISUALLY with a great headline that describes exactly what your content is all about.

Your blog images should be on BRAND, SPECIFIC and CLEAR so when someone clicks to find out more they get exactly what they were promised.

Research has shown that Facebook updates of 40 characters or less receive more engagement so make full use of them by adding benefit driven content.

List formats work well on both Facebook and Instagram with emojis and icons to grab attention, for example:-

  • ✨We are having a celebration sale this weekend!
  • ???? Hit your goals 90% of the time with these 10 tips
  • ✔ Discover how we got 2,000 repins with this Pinterest strategy

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #5: Use A Call To Action

For more effective results in general for your social media efforts include a CALL TO ACTION in your description.

Most people are scrolling Newsfeeds on their smartphones.

They are looking quickly at images, updates and videos that grab their attention.

You need to combine grabbing their attention with a CALL to ACTION for best effect.

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  • What’s your favourite?

Don’t leave anything to chance.

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #6 : Problem – Agitate – Solution

There are many copywriting “formulas” that have been tried and tested for years and one of the most successful is problem, agitate, solution.

You explain THE PROBLEM.


And then you OFFER THE SOLUTION to the problem.

This works extremely well in adverts and in sales copy but it’s also very effective on social media.

In the example I use in the video, I am aligning myself with someone being constantly disappointed with diets (the problem)

In fact I’ve nearly given up because I can’t even enjoy a takeaway.

But when I discover The Eat Well With Ease Diet (I have made that up by the way) everything was easy & now I can enjoy eating out again!

The formula works for practically ANY business. Try it!

"7 Incredibly Effective Formulas For Writing Better Social Media Updates"

Formula #7: Be Relevant

Social media provides you with the ultimate way in which to “piggy-back” News to gain organic reach for some of your updates.

The key thing here is to be relevant NOT SILLY.

For the example if you have a fashion blog or clothing website you might want to use the young royals or celebrities who have been pictured wearing an outfit as a SHOP THIS LOOK opportunity.

Don’t just randomly use the formula for unrelated content or products, it won’t work.

Subscribe to a daily News update in brief website or look at some of the most read News on any given day for ideas.


  • Copywriting is the #1 skill to focus on if you are building your business online.
  • Social media is the perfect platform to practice on for free everyday.
  • The more you do, the better your will get.
  • Read blogs and books on the subject of copywriting for the next 6 months to learn how to phrase your updates for better results.

If this content help you in some way, please feel free to eave me a comment below & I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

And I’d love to see your video intro creations too!

Remember …

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