How To Create A Brand Mood Board For Your Business

Creating Your Brand Identity Makes Everything You Create 10x Easier And Faster

Hi I’m Diane Cossie, creator of the Project Lifestyle Club.

In this video I’m going to walk you through a simple way to create a brand mood board for your business that you will love, follow and use every day you spend being creative or building your brand & your business from now on.

If you’ve been stuck wondering about what colours and fonts to use in your logo for the last six months, grab a pen a notepad and follow along with these simple steps to Creating A Brand Mood Board that fits you & your business image, style & message.

Once you discover how simple every social media update, blog image, YouTube Thumbnail, Instagram post etc can be once you’ve created a brand mood board for your business, you will find yourself wondering why on earth you didn’t start with this important first step!

I know I wish I’d done it that way round 😉

In This Video:-

  • Learn about how to choose colours for your brand to create a unique brand colour palette.
  • What colours attract customers or influence them to buy.
  • Which sites are great resources for royalty free images.
  • Why texture makes all the difference to your design.
  • How to define your values around your brand.
  • An easy way to design your logo.
  • And the best way to piece your business mood board together.

Resources Mentioned In This Video

For the easiest graphic designing tool for beginners it has to be Canva.

For a ton of branding inspiration look no further than Pinterest.

Royalty Free Images #1 : BigStockPhoto

Royalty Free Images #2 : Unsplash

Royalty Free Images #3 : Canva

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