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Welcome to the Project Lifestyle Club

Let’s Leverage The Heck Out Of The Internet, Smash It With Social Media And Build A Lifestyle Business Of Your Own Design Shall We?

The Project Lifestyle Club Is Designed To Help You Think Successfully, Create Content Beautifully, Market Brilliantly And Work Intelligently To Create A Lifestyle Business Of Your Own Design.

If you have more than a passing interest in creating additional streams of passive & recurring revenue in your business, then you’ll love this! 

You see I believe everything you are seeking right now can be summed up in two words .. Project Lifestyle”

If you have service in your heart, a gift or talent to share with others and love the idea of creating digital products as your business model & creating passive & recurring income streams online, welcome to The Project Lifestyle Club!

Our exclusive training courses & members club are designed to help you boost the effectiveness of your MARKETING, improve your SALES FUNNEL skills & drive oodles more TRAFFIC to your website or online store.

In just a few months from now you could be confidently growing your business online, thinking more successfully, creating content beautifully, marketing brilliantly, working intelligently and waking up to leads & sales in your inbox every day before breakfast!


If you are looking for the best way to start marketing your business on social media then look no further than Facebook. We've created a simple easy-to-follow framework that will help you create an engaging and professional content strategy for your business. 

Sales Funnels

Lead generation online is the equivalent of people coming into your store offline. A sales funnel is the engine of your business where you can turn strangers into friends and friends in customers. Conquer your tech fears forever!


You may have the greatest products & services in the world but if nobody can find them, you have a traffic problem. We'll help your business grow with free, perpetual and paid strategies that drive oodles of traffic with our exciting Traffic Sessions  Members Club.

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