Introducing A Brilliant New Way To Learn Exactly How To Market Your Business Online Using A Unique Tried And Tested, Virtual Coaching Style Formula That Is Designed To Help You Generate More Leads, Clients And Profits For Your Business


Are you... 

  • Fed up trying to figure out how to build an onine marketing funnel that generates leads for your business every day before breakfast on complete autopilot?
  • Sick and tired of watching free webinar after free webinar hoping to find "the missing piece of the puzzle" but it never seems to show up?
  • Visualizing your goals every day and getting frustrated that nothing is changing in your business?
  • Scratching your head about social media because you feel like you are just wasting your time?
  • Wondering how to create info-products, lead magnets, email follow ups, set up a sales funnel, an online shop, grow your Facebook page, get more traffic to your website, create better images and more?
  • And most of all how on earth do you manage ALL the aspects of running a business online & everything that goes with that if it's pretty much you (alone) or you plus your cat and a virtual assistant?

Welcome To The Project Lifestyle Club - An Online Marketing Business Club For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Looking To Learn How To Leverage Their Business Online.

The Result Is Nothing Short of a Transformation For Your Business

What if you had a clear "fill in the blanks" Project Lifestyle Online Business Plan to follow to create everything you need to start generating a real income online?

From your products and services to your best traffic sources?

Sound good so far? Then read on ... 

Just take one minute right now to imagine what £10k per month EVERY month coming in to your bank account every month would mean to you and your loved ones?

The Project Lifestyle Club Is A Unique Virtual Coaching Program Where You Will Pick Up Vital New Digital Marketing Skills, Become More Focused And Productive And Create Winning Lead Generation Strategies To Grow Your Business Online

Plus! I'm Going To Be Running Right Alongside You Every Week Helping You To Keep Moving Forward And Keeping Your Mindset Sharp, Focused And Positive! Plus Together We Are Going To Master Social Media For Your Business (This is what really makes the difference and one of the reasons why this club is completely unique)

Introducing The Project Lifestyle Club Method

There are four keys to creating a successful online business:-

  1. You need to THINK SUCCESSFULLY.
  4. And you need to WORK INTELLIGENTLY

Anything other than having those 4 keys working in synergy together will result in frustratingly long hours spent doing a whole lot of work for little or no reward.

Let's Dive Into Those Just A Little Bit Deeper

THINK SUCCESSFULLY. It's all about the MINDSET to be able to see the opportunity, embrace change and do what others are unwilling to do. Entrepreneurs THINK differently.

There's no "safe" pay check at the end of the month to "count" on, the thrill of learning something new is an insatiable desire that will always remain within you as you explore the latest, best, newest way to do something.

Your passion to succeed is relentless and yes to some people you are quite simply "on a different planet" but in that very moment you realise that being different is perfectly OK, it makes sense to you to be alternative or contrary to popular belief.

You are a leader.

You were never given the genetics to "conform" or "Play safe" your dreams are far too big for that! Learning to train your mind to think successfully is the key to unlocking that dream lifestyle of your own design. If that's you then you are a #projectlifestyleclub seeker.

CREATE CONTENT BEAUTIFULLY. Branding yourself and your business online is something you will need to invest your time in. The "currency" that Google and Facebook love to trade in the most is CONTENT. The more unique, original and useful the better.

Brands that successfully grow their business have their "look, feel and message" worked out from the start. Everything they do is aligned with their brand and their core values and their content is designed to reflect that as well as deliver amazing value.

Whether it's a blog post, a social media update, a video, a podcast or an info-product YOUR BRAND matters as much to you as COCA-COLA does to them.

Content is king, always has been and always will be.

FOCUS on creating content beautifully (for the end reader and SEO to win)

MARKET BRILLIANTLY. You can have the best website in the world, the best products, the most amazing services, or perhaps an incredible online store BUT if nobody knows about it you're sunk!

Marketing is the single most effective way to match a targeted audience to your products and services. If you focus 100% on keeping your marketing jar full of leads sales will pop out.

You are probably playing it small and thinking why those 100 visitors to your website every month aren't buying your products huh?

Marketing moves products FACT. Think about "A ___ a day helps you work rest & play" or "A million house wives every day pick up a tin of beans say Beanz Meanz "_____"

Marketing isn't sleazy or "unnecessary" it is absolutely ESSENTIAL for getting you from point A in your business (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be).

Ignore it at your peril, marketing is as essential to your business as oxygen is to breathe,

WORK INTELLIGENTLY. When you are trying to run a successful business online (or offline) you need systems in place and a structured approach.

Now before you yell "but I'm creative!" at the computer or before you "go with the flow and follow your intuition because it feels good" I totally hear you.

I am as instinctive, intuitive and creative as they come BUT if you fail to work and follow through in a structured way your desk, office, bank account and mind will be a complete mess.

Luckily even if you are your entire "team" tackling marketing, branding, blogging, copy writing, design, social media, book keeping and product creation there are some pretty nifty software programs out there to help you accomplish it all.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be an entrepreneur and I can't wait to make an impact into how to smooth out the wrinkles in your productivity and show you ways to get more done in less time so that you reach more of your goals.

Now I did not get to this point in my online business ventures without putting in a serious amount of hours training and developing online marketing funnels, learning all about WordPress, Google, SEO, blogging and in the last few years social media.

I'm sure you realise that the only place reward comes before work is in the dictionary right?

But I've blogged my way to over £1,000,000 in sales revenue, grown highly successful Facebook pages in several niches, consulted for multi-million pound businesses and done it all on a shoe string budget using social media, blogging using unique strategies and formuals that I am going to share with you when you become a member of the Project Lifestyle Club.

From day one all I had was a computer, the ability to type (sort of) and a whole lot of determination.

The thing is I care about people (some say too much) and I find it an absolute joy when someone tells me that they took on board an element from one of my training sessions, webinars, podcasts, blogs, videos or presentations and it worked for them!

Whoo hoo! I LOVE that!

I want you to know that the Project Lifestyle Club is not just another membership club aimed at helping you learn how to market your business online, it's way more important than that. I know how important it is to people today to be financially secure in their own right (even if they are (like me) happily married).

The Project Lifestyle Club isn't going to transform your business overnight, but if you stick with it and implement the strategies, over time you will see how little by little as you put all the pieces into place that you do in fact have a real business of your own providing you with the opportunity to reshape your future and by working alongside of me every day you will never be on your own.

Sharpening your focus, developing the right mindset, releasing old beliefs and money blocks take time but they are an essential part of creating your success.

My mission is to coach 1,000 entrepreneurs to £10k per month online.

And ladies (how can I say this delicately) you need structure, strategy and business savvy to make this work, but when it comes to social media - you are light years ahead already just BECAUSE you are female!

The thing is you NEVER think it's going to be you.

But in 2013 not only did I watch my daughter's world fall apart after her unexpected divorce but in the same year I almost lost my husband. It was the worst year of my life.

So I sat down with my daughter and said, "Remember that Rich Woman book by Kim Kiyosaki? Well it's time to change things up!"

So I decided to go out there and learn the skills that enable me to help others create a business of their own that takes them on their own special journey that I call "Project Lifestyle" and luckily everyone has their own idea of what that looks like 🙂

Don't be a statistic - become an empowered entrepreneur!

I'm Diane Cossie and I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and one of the most positive people you are ever likely to meet. In fact I often introduce myself as a bit of whizz at WordPress, a geek when it comes to Google, I'm inspiring on Instagram and absolutely fabulous on Facebook.

I've built online websites that have turned into income streams and somewhere along the way I have become multi-skilled and slightly obsessed with everything to do with online marketing and social media.

That makes me a very enthusiastic person who loves nothing better than to motivate, help and teach others how to shape, format and create an online business that simply rocks!

Whether you are a fledgling entrepreneur or have been trying out this and that online for years and just not getting anywhere, there is more than a reasonable chance that I will be able to help you put all the pieces of the online "jigsaw" together and get you generating leads for your business in a relatively short space of time. (You just have to follow the plan and do the work.)

And that's why I simply had to create the Project Lifestyle Club

Here's What You Need To Get Started

  • A WordPress Website or Online Store and a Facebook Business Page
  • Persistence And Determination
  • Be Task Orientated
  • Have A Positive "Can Do" Attitude
  • Be Open Minded And Coachable
  • Be Up For A Challenge!
  • Products Or Services That You Can Offer Potential Clients Or A Ton Of Ambition And Determination To Create Digital Ones

I'm a Big Believer In Breaking Down Big Goals Into Small Manageable Bite-Size Pieces

In The First Month I'm Going To Share Everything You Need To Know About Mastering The Honeycomb Blogging Strategy That Helped Me Build A Business To Over £1,000,000 In Sales Turnover Using Only A WordPress Blog, A Weekly Newsletter and A Facebook Business Page

Every Month Your Membership Includes

  • Daily Coaching Style Tips About Each Month's Topic Inside The Private Facebook Group Monday to Friday
  • Accountability - I'm Running Right Alongside You Every Day To Keep You Focused And on Track To Reaching Your Goals
  • Private Members Area With Access To All Eclasses, Video Tutorials, Worksheets and more
  • Clarity On What It Takes To Build Your Business Online
  • Monthly Session On Mindset : How To Think Successfully
  • Monthly Session On Content Creation : How To Create Content Beautifully
  • Monthly Session On Online Marketing : How To Market Brilliantly
  • Monthly Session On Productivity & Time Management : How To Work Effectively

Where To Start? The Foundational Piece Of Any Project Lifestyle Club Business Is A WordPress Blog. Here's How To Start Yours Step-By-Step

This FREE 3-part video series shows you step-by-step exactly how to start your own WordPress blog from buying your domain name to creating your first blog post.

The Project Lifestyle Club is currently in pre-launch mode and will go live in 2018. Add your name to the waiting list to become one of the early adapters of this exciting new way to build a lifestyle business of your own design.

If All That Sounds Right Up Your Street You'll Be Amazed At Just How Affordable Project Lifestyle Club Memberships Are Right Now

The Project Lifestyle Club is my dream business model, I love nothing better than helping people to overcome all sorts of digital marketing hurdles to get them unstuck, re-focused and moving forward again.

It's very fulfilling.

No other online membership club offers virtual style coaching on a daily basis or such up close and personal access to professional digital and content marketers (like myself) who are dedicated to the task in hand.

As this is a brand new membership club it's priced accordingly for the first 1,000 members at an incredibly affordable $25.00 per month.

Quite simply it will never be this low ever again.

As we gather momentum the price will increase!

Grandfather your way in now and keep paying the lowest price for as long as you stay in the club!

money back logo

Test drive the Project Lifestyle Club for the next 7 days and if you don’t feel you have received at least one gold nugget or genuine assistance to help you grow your business online, we’ll give you money back no questions asked.